20 officially authorized doping

A definite answer to the question what is doping, is still there, and no true definition of the term. Generally, the doping is called drugs that promote mental stimulation or physical activity. It turns out that under this definition fall vitamins, and different herbs (e.g., ginseng), so the athlete should not be consumed too. Fortunately, there are criteria in order to prevent a similar situation.

The topic of performance enhancing drugs — one of the most difficult in the sport. On the one hand, the doping is harmful, because there are

known cases of lethal outcome after applying them.

On the other, it may seem strange, virtually all performance-enhancing drugs are used in medicine to treat patients. It turns out that diabetics, osmoticum, people with allergies and people who have, for example, the problem with the endocrine system, the sport allowed?

And it — only one side of the coin. Some drugs that are currently classified as prohibited for use by the doping, allow athletes to better endure physical exertion. Because of this, experts recommend athletes take to recuperate alternative drugs — vitamin complexes, the funds, which contains vitamin-like substances and herbal extracts.

20 of the most popular means to improve physical fitness

Here is a list of the most common and passed the practical tests of means to improve the functional activity of the organism (based on the recommendations of the textbook on sports medicine V. Dubrovsky).

Ascorutinum. Applied during exercise on endurance 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Aerovit. Used prophylactically from 1 to 3 tablets daily for 20-30 days depending on the intensity and duration of the training loads. Generally, when taking aerovit purpose other vitamin preparations is not required.

Supradin. Used to accelerate the processes of recovery, a period of strenuous exercise, to accelerate adaptation to extreme environmental factors, to improve the resistance of the organism, stimulation of physical and mental health — 1 capsule 2 times daily after meals. A course of 3 to 4 weeks in the training period competitive period — 2-3 days.

Folic acid. Used in vitamin deficiency and high physical and psychoemotional stress and training in the Midlands — 0.5 mg and above per day.

Ascorbic acid. It is used to promote oxidation processes, increase endurance and recovery. It is recommended to use especially in winter and early spring. Dosage — 0.5 g 3 times a day.

Calcium pangamat. Is used to speed up recovery after strenuous exercise in severe oxygen debt, in the event of overvoltage in the myocardium, liver pain syndrome, during training in the Midlands — 150-200 mg a day for 4-6 days before the event and subsequent days of stay in the Midlands.

Monistrol. Used to normalize lipid metabolism, stabilization of cell membranes — 1 capsule 2 times a day for 15-20 days.

Nicotinic acid. Used prophylactically during periods of high physical and mental loads on 0,025-0,05 g per day, often in combination with calcium Pantothenate and lipoic acid. To accelerate recovery processes and therapy overvoltage — up to 0.1-0.15 g per day.

Pyridoxal phosphate. It is used to treat conditions surge in athletes, as well as chronic hepatitis, peripheral nervous system — 1 tablet 3 times daily after meals.

Pyridoxine. It is used to ensure increased need for B vitamins during physical and mental workload — 0,005-0,01 g / day, when the overvoltage condition — up to 0.05 g per day.

Thiamine. Used prophylactically during periods of intense physical and mental stress of 0.05-0.01 g per day.

Tocopherol acetate (vitamin E). Used in intensive training, especially in conditions of oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) in the Midlands and low temperature — 100-150 mg a day. Duration of course — 5-10 days. When overtraining and acute fatigue — 1 teaspoon 5% or 1% oil solution for intramuscular injection — 1 ampoule within 10-15 days.

Asparkam. It is used to prevent fatigue (overexertion), with the weight loss, when training in a hot climate — 1-2 tablets 3 times a day.

Methionine (amino acid). Used for the regulation of protein and lipid metabolism, usually in combination with choline and vitamin preparations for treating conditions of overvoltage — 0.5-1.0 g 2-3 times a day before meals.

Nootropil. Used to relieve fatigue, after shocks (in boxers, bobsled, Luge, etc.) — 1 capsule three times a day for 10 days.

Piracetam (amino acids). Is used as the prevention and treatment of overstrain of the nervous system, to accelerate the processes of recovery after volume and intense training loads, to enhance the performance in sports associated mainly with the state of endurance, in particular high-speed (under anaerobic conditions), — 2.4-3.6 g for 4-6 days. If necessary, the course duration can be increased.

Succinic acid. Improves metabolism — 1-2 tablets after training sessions.

Schisandra chinensis. Increases physical performance, stimulates the metabolism, tones the Central nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory system, increases the body’s resistance to hypoxia. Warm decoction of dried fruit (20 g per 200 ml of water) is taken 1 tablespoon 2 times a day before meal or 4 hours after food, alcohol tincture — 20-40 drops 2 times a day, powder or tablets — 0.5 g morning and afternoon.

The Eleutherococcus senticosus. Has pronounced stimulating and toning properties. In conditions of high effective dose, enabling you to carry large physical and emotional stress is Eleutherococcus at least 2-4 ml of the extract. Administered half an hour before meals.

Echinococcus prickly. Accelerates the recovery of athletes, tones the Central nervous system. Extract — 2 ml for every day of the month.

The use of plants in sports is not limited to the group of adaptogens jansennadinela action. Recommended and find use in the practice of many other medicinal plants (Ivanchenko V. A. 1987). These include plants:

caffeinating type of action (tea, coffee, cocoa, nuts, Cola, etc.), stimulating the nervous system;

hormonal action type containing hormones or stimulating the function of the endocrine glands (and Ural licorice, red clover and creeping, the spotted Orchid, mountain ash, Humulus lupulus, pollen, etc.);

cardiac and respiratory activity type (Minic double-leaf, rhododendron Dzama, Comarum palustre, etc.);

metabolic type of action affecting tissue metabolism (aloe, rosehip, sea buckthorn, black currant, nettle, etc.);

sedation, reducing the efficiency by improving sleep (cyanosis azure, motherwort Petropolis, Valeriana officinalis, etc.).

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