7 reasons to practice yoga

Dear friends! We invite You to yoga in the power places of Gorny Altai in the club guest house “the house”. Why You need to visit us?

1.Amazing energy. The hotel is located right at the foot of the sacred mountain Belukha, where every day to worship, come and come hundreds of people. Belukha mountain exudes a powerful light hidden wisdom, attracts the hearts of seekers. Can you imagine how effective and spiritualized will be yoga and meditation in places of power Gorny Altai?

2. The unique nature of Altai. Versatile and unique nature of mountain Altai, how positively it affects health and mood of every traveler. Delicious mountain air filled with the smell of Altai herbs, healing thermal springs, therapeutic mud, nature sounds, numerous waterfalls and lakes, the wayward river, secrets of the silent mountains. and much more. each person opens the Altai in their own way, special.

3. A comfortable accommodation. We can offer different accommodation options for every taste and budget: from the placement of fresh healthy and delicious the air in the tents comfortable and modern guest house. There are also cozy cedar cabins with all amenities.

4. Tasty and healthy food. You will be offered a buffet only from Altai natural products grown in places of power. And it means that you will be satisfied not only your body but also your soul. Hotel hotel services and facilities there is always fresh, clean and cool water from the mountain springs. After class, you can relax on the spacious terrace, sipping herbal tea from Altai bouquet. On places of power are growing the strongest herb, the healing of the heart. Possible vegetarian and raw food dishes.

5. Modern and spacious rooms for yoga classes. • The Windows offer beautiful panoramic views of the mountains and landscapes of the Altai. • This is probably the best place to practice that you can imagine. • Area — 80 square meters • ceiling Height — 3.2 m. • Large panoramic and bright Windows • study Room with beautiful views, equipped music, ventilation, shuttered against the sun. • Removed from the hall of residence, which means that You will not be distracted from spiritual practices

6. Exciting excursions to places of power where You can touch the main secrets of the mountain Altai. There you can and practice, to combine learning and cognitive processes. Outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased to offer water or horseback riding tours, extreme and goosebumps guaranteed! At your request we will get acquainted with the culture and history of the Altai mountains, traditions and the way of the old believers Uimon valley.

7. Surge of strength and energy. Practice in a unique “Places of Power” contributes to personal development, gives a burst of energy and energy is inspiring! Places of power awaken latent abilities of the person and sharpens his extrasensory perception. These places bring relief and hope for the best. Places of grace provide the most favorable conditions for learning from mentors from the subtle worlds.

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