Age peculiarities of adaptation

The main directions of the conference:

the health of children and youth in the process of adaptation to the requirements of systematic training;

neuro-humoral mechanisms of adaptation;

features of adaptation to physical and mental stress of people with disabilities;

the adaptive capacity of visceral systems in norm and pathology.

compensatory mechanisms of morphological and functional disturbances in the body;

features of adaptation to physical loads in modern sports.

The requirements for design submissions:

TFinancial conditions:

The cost of external participation in the conference is 250 rubles (includes printing materials, the shipment of the proceedings of the author).

Registration fee participant (registration fee) is 600 rubles (includes the cost of organizing Committee for implementation of the program of the conference and the publication of abstracts).

Payment is made by transfer to the account listed below:


Purpose of payment: for participation in the conference “Age peculiarities of adaptation of organism to physical and mental stress”. After the receipt of abstracts and a copy of the payment document will be sent a letter of invitation.

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