Breathing exercises for pohudeniya

Do you know what is the relationship between proper breathing and slim figure? It turns out that when you inhale and exhale, using the diaphragm and abdominal wall, is massage internal organs, which helps you lose weight and maintain a slimmer figure. Breath-hold with great importance.

Usually hold your breath for 30-60 seconds, and with the degree of fitness, you can increase it to 2 minutes longer. The depth and rate of breathing are techniques of massage of the internal organs. For example, a smooth deep inspiration breath-hold for 1-2 seconds and a smooth exhale

normalize the activity of internal organs. A deep breath and breath holding time to 10 seconds or longer, followed tense and jerky breath, improves their function. Fat cells are burned when you receive them of oxygen.

Breathing exercises for weight loss – exercise COMPLETE BREATH is the most common controlled breath, which runs morning and afternoon at your usual pace. Original position during a complete breathing: lying down, sitting or standing – as you prefer. Slowly at first, but with the power exhale while pulling the abdominal wall inward. Then through the nose slowly inhale: while at first bulging abdominal wall, then extend the lower ribs lift the rib cage and simultaneously extend the upper ribs. At the end of the breath when the lungs are filled with air, belly slightly drawn, creating a pillar of light, filled with air. Hold your breath for 1-2 seconds and start exhaling through the nose with retraction of the abdomen inwards and the chest to keep slightly elevated and straightened. Then gradually relax the abdomen to compress the ribs and lower shoulders. As the release of light from the air – chest and lower abdomen, and the abdominal wall is drawn.

Perform this exercise at the beginning 3 times, and can be gradually increased to 20 times. Inhalation and exhalation are performed safely, without the participation of the muscles.

After a full breath sometimes dizziness, mild weakness, burning sensation behind the breastbone. The reason is the irregular exercise.

Enjoy special exercises for mastering the complete breathing technique that will help you to work it out in stages. Each exercise includes massage of the internal organs and promotes weight loss.

Breathing exercises for weight loss – exercise LOWER BREATHING or belly breathing:

Original position when the lower breathing: lying down, sitting or standing, whatever you like. All the muscles relax. One hand to put on a stomach, and one on the chest. To make slow but strong exhalation, the abdominal wall to pull inside. Then slowly through the nose, inhale – diaphragm when it relaxes, the abdominal wall bulges outward, and the lower part of the lungs is filled with air.

Making the exhale – the abdominal wall is pulled inward, and the air comes out of the lungs through the nose. Performing several consecutive breaths (4 to 6), are produced by the undulations of the belly – it massages the stomach, liver and intestines. Exercises 3-4 times a day.

Breathing exercises for weight loss – exercise AVERAGE BREATHING or thoracic breathing:

Starting position is the same. One hand rests on his chest, the other on his stomach. In this exercise, all attention is focused on the ribs. Making the exhale, inhale slowly through the nose, expanding the ribs of the chest on both sides. At this time is filled with air middle part of the lungs, and the hand lying on his chest, lifted together with the chest. The do exhale through the nose, at the same time relaxing the edges. The average respiration the abdominal wall and the shoulders are not involved. The hand lying on his stomach, remains stationary. During the middle of the breath massaged the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys. During one session they perform 4-6 breaths. Repeat 3-4 times a day.

Breathing exercises for weight loss – exercise UPPER respiratory:

At the upper breathing all the attention is directed to the upper part of the lungs. Take slow breaths in through the nose, simultaneously lifting the collarbone and shoulders, while the air will be filled with the upper part of the lungs. Exhale do the same in through the nose, while gradually relax the ribs of the upper part of the chest and drop your shoulders. And the stomach and the middle part of the chest remain stationary. Repeat exercise 4-6 times in one session. Perform 3-4 times a day. During upper respiratory does massage lymph nodes chest and lungs.

Breathing exercises for weight loss – exercise exhaled sharply:

To increase circulation and greater light massage used a SHARP intake of BREATH. Making a full inhale, simultaneously lift your arm up and touch their ears – to hold the breath for 2-3 seconds. Then sharply bend the arms to lower and relax, to do vigorous exhalation through the mouth, uttering the syllable “ha”. This exercise can be repeated 3-5 times.

Breathing exercises for weight loss – exercise RHYTHMIC BREATHING WITH PROLONGED EXHALATION:

Breath is done at the expense of 2-3, and exhale on the count of 4-6. Gradually inhale to lengthen up to the count of 4-5, and exhale to the score of 7-10. To monitor the clarity of rhythm. Repeat 4-6 times.

Breathing exercises for weight loss – exercise BREATH even WITH the ACTIVATION EXPIRATION:

Take a deep full breath in through the nose, then a long and very full exhale through the mouth as if blowing out a candle. Repeat 4-6 times.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, and exhale through the floor lips compressed into three or four short push. This exercise is particularly useful after a long stay in a stuffy room. Repeat 3-4 times.

Breathing exercises for weight loss – the CALMING BREATH exercise:

This exercise is usually performed after exercise and during stops Jogging and dosed walking. Making a full deep breath, slowly raise your arms forward and raise them to the sides, turning the palm upwards. At the same time to raise his head. Making a full exhale return to starting position, repeating the movement of hands and head in the reverse order.

Regularly doing these breathing exercises for weight loss, you will contribute to normal functioning of all internal organs, as well as over the years to keep the harmony and the smartness of its shape.

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