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At what age do fitness?

Sport is useful for everyone – adults and children, however, the intensity and types of loading needs varies depending on your age

2 to 5 years

At this age, your baby grows very fast, so he needs to learn to properly control their own body. Research of Maryland-College Park University has shown that the best way to do this is more to crawl or walk, and those who are older — to run and play ball. This will help the child get used to their weight and well control the muscles. How much to do? Scroll to 15 minutes of your time to take your child to play football or just to throw a ball to each other. If you have the opportunity to regularly drive a child to the pool is the perfect option.

What to do? If your child wants to run or play, it is better not disturb him. Excessive parental care may result in underdevelopment of the skeleton, problems with weight and balance problems in older age. But do not overdo it. Many mothers are rushing to send their children to any section almost from the cradle, the more that modern fitness centers offer a variety of activities for kids — from simple gymnastics to baby yoga. But, as the doctors say, all these notions are relevant only for adults, because it is aimed at improving Saraceno the cardiovascular system, strengthen muscles and develop flexibility. Children need something simpler. In addition, there is also the psychological aspect: the child, who was sent to football or swimming 3 to 10 years this whole exercise may just be bored.

From 5 to 18 years

It is a period of hormonal changes, rapid growth and development of the organism: last year, the boys can stretch to 9 inches, girls — 8. The main thing at this time — not only to direct growth in the right direction, but also to develop the child’s habits for a healthy lifestyle, which subsequently will save them from many problems.

How much to do? Ideally, the child should be engaged in any type of physical exercise at least one hour every day. But the more the better, so in addition to practice about an hour should take place in the state of physical activity — a child can play on the street, just walking, walking home from school, etc.

What to do? In the period from 5 to 10 years child’s skeleton is not yet fully formed, so excessive stress can only hurt its further development. So instead of heavy lifting and strength exercises will offer to the child to go Jogging, swimming or sit on the bike. This will help the baby grow faster and prevent the development of obesity. And the best way to encourage your child to exercise is to buy him the equipment. Fit all — jump rope, badminton racket, basket for home basketball, etc.

The older children (10 to 18) more suitable for competitive sports, and in doing so, they can help even the school. On the other hand, you also need to serve children a good example: studies have shown than more active way of life are the parents, the more I like sports their children.

From 18 to 30 years

At this age to keep fit easier just because the metabolism of your body works perfectly. So use your youth: when you are over 30, to spend this amount of calories for such small efforts you can not. Now is the time to strengthen their muscles and develop the habit of the body to stress.

How much to do? At least half an hour five or more times a week. But that’s the minimum. Ideal — 30 minutes easy charging daily, an hour of aerobics a day or two, two 40-minute class on a banner or two runs a week.

What to do? Jogging can be replaced the same aerobics, swimming or Cycling. A good stretch you will be taught on the practice of Pilates or yoga. There is no time? Buy a skipping rope and spend jumping about 20 minutes a day is minus 220 calories, good for the heart, strengthening the muscles and bones. And get used to walk and run up the stairs.

From 30 to 40 years

Without physical exercise you will lose 1-2% of muscle mass per year and spend 125 kcal per day less than in youth. Besides bones and joints begin to deteriorate — there will be pain, discomfort, returned to life after injury will be much harder.

How much to do? About 4 hours a week. You can visit the gym and fitness equipment or buy a simple fixture for the house — bands, sports bands, weights. Your main goal is strength training resistance. And don’t forget to stretch, she needs to devote at least one hour per week.

What to do? The best way to stay slim and keep your bones healthy is to exercise and the skeleton and muscles. For this fit aerobics and strength exercises with weight. Those simulators induce boredom, you can do Boxing or kickboxing.

From 40 to 50 years

The main object of destruction in this age, the bones. Fabrics do not have time to update, degrading faster than new cells are formed. Women, for example, lose about 1% of bone mass annually until the beginning of menopause. But after it is started beginning to gain body fat due to hormonal disruptions. Regular exercise will help if not eliminate, mitigate these troubles.

How much to do? Two or three hours of weight training and an hour of stretching per week.

What to do? Not to gain too much weight, do some aerobics, fitness or sports walking. Buy a pedometer: a day need to be stomped around 16,000 steps, and at a fast pace. If joint health does not allow such loads, do some swimming or Cycling. Twice a week take 15 minutes lifting weights. This will help to stop muscle loss.

From 50 to 60 years old

After the 50-year milestone, you start to lose 80-90 grams of muscle per year. This applies to both men and women, but suffer more, of course, the representatives of the stronger sex, who are accustomed to use the power of their muscle. And the most annoying is that the muscle loss is compensated by the collection of fat. For women it turns out that the figure turns into the so-called “Apple” — when waist circumference is approaching the volume of the hips (critical level — 80 cm). These violations lead to problems with the heart and vascular system and increase the risk of diabetes.

How much to do? Two to three hours of cardio and strength exercises, an hour of stretching per week.

What to do? Go in for sports, to develop speed and endurance. Fit badminton, tennis, football — they train the muscles that give aging heart and strengthen the skeleton. Exercises with sports rubber bands and light dumbbells can also help maintain muscle tone and develop the joints.

Between 60 and older

At this age, reaches a peak loss of moisture in your body, including fluid which protects the joints. “Drying up”, the tissues become weaker and more vulnerable to external and internal damage, and the bones RUB against each other, causing severe pain. In addition, 70-80 years from your muscles will be approximately half, which means to exercise will be much more difficult. Due to the loss of bone mass you will also become lower by a couple inches.

How much to do? Since force is the same as it was in 30, try to do not very intensively for half an hour five times a week.

What to do? In order not to undermine the already weak joints even more, do some snorkeling — you will train the heart and strengthen the muscles without harm to bones. A variety of styles welcome: swimming the front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke trains different muscle groups. From dumbbells barbell should be abandoned. Instead, try Pilates, which develops the muscles of the own body resistance, or Taiji (tai Chi). Only to do better with a coach — he will help you determine your measure and limits.

About Internet-shop “Running in Place”

– Autumn price increase in fitness clubs

Ideas inexpensive home exercise equipment

– Useful if running?

– Baby fitness

– Healthy ideas for office

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