Can creatine increase strength

Can creatine increase strength?

Today we talk about such a popular sports Supplement, creatine. Athletes, especially bodybuilders often use creatine. It is a natural chemical compound found mostly in muscles, it has an effect on increasing muscle strength and size (volume). This sports nutritional Supplement is mostly known for its efficiency for high intensity exercises such as sprinting, powerlifting and weightlifting. Evidence of its usefulness for endurance training, very vague.

Experts say that rather no than Yes

Many athletes are looking for ways to increase your speed, strength and endurance, for this purpose, often turn to creatine. However, while many authoritative sources the National Institute of health, USA, the site of the University of Maryland indicate that creatine can have a positive influence on the performance of exercise with high intensity, they don’t talk about the role of creatine in the development of endurance. In fact,  University of Maryland draws the attention of readers of the site that creatine is a means to improve performance when performing aerobic exercise or to increase strength.

A study published in July 1998 in the journal «Medicine and science in sports and exercise» tried to determine whether creatine to have positive effects on endurance athletes. The results were mixed. Although research has shown that creatine has positive effects on cardiovascular endurance, he significantly increased the performance of interval capacity by 18 percent. This study showed that although he has no direct influence on cardiovascular endurance, at a dose of 6 grams per day it has a positive effect on short term exercise, such as a separate acceleration that can be incorporated into aerobic exercises for endurance.

To accelerate

Exercise endurance. however, may include more than cardiovascular exercise. Depending on the specifics of different sports, creatine may be a useful substance. In those sports where you need a burst of speed or power, creatine may be useful under certain conditions. Creatine also helps to improve anaerobic cardiovascular system.

Harmful creatine?

Officially based supplements creatine is considered safe. It is still necessary to consult a doctor. before using it, if you have any medical problems or you are regularly taking any medication. Very high doses of creatine can affect the kidneys, do not forget to drink adequate amounts of pure water per day while taking creatine, as recommended by experts. Side effects can include increased body mass index (though for bodybuilders — this is a desirable effect), rare — muscle cramps, stomach upset, diarrhea, mild dizziness, high blood pressure.

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