Elliptical trainer for weight loss

Women with a curvy shape, not always proud of what I have. Most of these women dream to get rid of extra pounds and get the body of a movie star or model. In today’s world it has become much easier to do, because in addition to a variety of diets and psychological, medical techniques, there are modern fitness equipment. Catching on them, to really say goodbye to overweight, whatever it was. For example, are ideal for this purpose elliptical trainer.

Description elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer is an averaged version of cardio that has in comparison with other technical creations in this category, such as a treadmill or stepper. actually extra features. He has a pedal for example, let’s say the bike, but moving these parts in both directions: backward and forward – moving trajectory of the ellipse, and not in one direction.

Elliptical trainer functional, compact, easy to transport, therefore, quite popular among athletic trainers. Many individuals who prefer to practice sport without spending a lot of time erecting this type of fitness to the rank of their Pets and even the best of the best. Nothing surprising here: the elliptical trainer allows you to simulate many forms of movement – running, Cycling, walking, skiing, etc. Pictures on the ellipses varied and depend mainly on functionality and technical characteristics. The minimum cost sports “toys” – 6000 RS. But you can buy a simulator and for 150,000 rubles if revenues allow.

Varieties of elliptical trainers

Speaking about the classification of elliptical trainers, all can distinguish three types: mechanical, magnetic and electromagnetic.

Mechanical ellipses are simple technical configuration, minimal features and no need for power supply from the mains. The advantages of this type of elliptical exercise machines can also be classified as compact size, light weight, reasonable price. Major drawbacks are a noisy mechanical ellipses, the sharpness of movements when playing such sports trainers as Last time due to the extreme simplicity of the technical design.

Magnetic elliptical trainers are a more beneficial option compared with mechanical types. Their design is more complicated, therefore, engaged on the ellipse, the person has the opportunity to make more fluid movements. The functionality above, and therefore the workouts are varied, which is somewhat broader than give mechanical ellipses. There is the possibility of controlling the degree of load. Additional advantages of magnetic ellipses: quiet operation and quite a nice price.

The most technically equipped with elliptical trainers, created on the basis of the latest achievements in the field of sports equipment – electromagnetic. They work through a computer processor that controls the electromagnetic braking system. The degree of stress in such simulators is regulated directly by the computer: latest picks for the athlete the most optimal variant of it. Electromagnetic elliptical trainers – a thing expensive, but their price is fully justified, because, in addition to all above, they have high wear resistance.

Elliptical trainer for weight loss

The advantage of elliptical trainer over other types of cardio equipment it is already mentioned above: it consists in a peculiar motion of the pedals. Thanks to this movement in the course of employment on the ellipse, one activates various muscle groups simultaneously: the hip, calf, pectoral, dorsal. In addition to intense workout is the overall improvement of the body. As a result activation of metabolic processes in tissues, particularly in problem areas, and fat, as a result, burned. Thus, the main benefit of elliptical trainer for the body is effective weight loss.

Ellipse allows to get rid of a specific amount of calories. It is worth considering that this figure is directly dependent on the level of metabolism, and therefore is strictly personal. So, the woman, whose weight is 50 kg, for half an hour on the elliptical trainer can burn 241 kcal on average. If the weight is 60 kg, 30 minute workout on the ellipse destroys 310 kcal. Weighing 70 kg, the amount of calories in the course of employment with a duration of half an hour will exceed 380. It turns out that the entire workout on the ellipse promise burning up to 720 calories. If the producers, who owns the claim, and exaggerate, the result of the work on the simulator for weight loss is still enormous.

An additional benefit of the ellipse

Overweight is not the only reason to practice on the elliptical trainer. Such training will not be superfluous, if there is a desire to strengthen the heart, vessels, improve the functioning of the respiratory system, enhance the natural protective barriers of the body, that is to strengthen the immune system. Very effective training on the elliptical trainer for those who have problems with joints: knee and hip – spine in the lower back; pain of osteoporosis.

Work on the ellipse is the prevention of stroke, myocardial infarction. A wonderful bonus is the taut, supple and elastic skin.

To exercise on the elliptical trainer may all who are interested in maintaining your body in shape and overall improvement of its own body. Binding to age and level of physical preparation is absent here. The only exception is children and people of extremely advanced years.

Contraindications and nuances of practice on the ellipse

Workout by working on the elliptical trainer, or other cardio, prohibited or recommended in a limited number of people having problems in the field of cardiovascular system. The fact that classes on the ellipse give the load on the heart, and nowhere to go. We should not forget about the benefits of this relief for the health of the heart muscle. However, and without problems with the natural motor before the first time to try out an elliptical trainer, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

In the list of contraindications to work on the ellipse got not only a bad heart. It included hypertension, thrombophlebitis, diabetes mellitus, and cancers. In the phase of exacerbation of any chronic disease is also undesirable to engage in by means of elliptical trainer.

Be sure to take note of the precautions that should be observed when working on the ellipse.

The optimal frequency of training – more than 4 times, half an hour each.

Don’t focus on any one version of the workout: try everything, alternating modes.

In the process of working on the ellipse need to concentrate on the muscles of the torso, straining the abdominal muscles. This will contribute to the development of strength, endurance and help you keep your balance.

Control your heart rate, do not allow deviations in heart rate from the norm, which is equal to 65-75% of the maximum permissible value. The latter can be calculated by the formula: max = 220 – your age.

Each workout should be preceded by a warm-up for 5 minutes. It is carried out at a slow pace.

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