Exercises for morning exercises

In order that the body quickly woke up after a night’s sleep, experts in the field of healthy lifestyle is recommended to perform both children and adults set of exercises for morning exercises.

What are the benefits of exercises for morning exercises

Physical activity the morning gives a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day. The set of classes can be chosen so that they will be effective exercises for weight loss. Without additional exercise to use up

excess calories are deposited as fat tissue, is almost impossible.

During sleep all the physiological processes in the body are slowed down due to slowing of blood circulation. Charge helps to “disperse” the blood, resulting in all the organs and tissues begin to better supplied with oxygen and accelerates metabolism. Especially useful would be to drink immediately after waking up a glass of cool water and 10 minutes to do exercises for morning exercises.

Quite often under time pressure and physical inactivity exercises for morning exercises become the only physical activity for the day and can not be ignored, especially for men. Highlight the morning 10-15 minutes for charging almost everyone can, and if at first it seems hard, then eventually formed a habit and a need to move immediately after sleep.

Examples of warm-up exercises

Movement of small intensity can be performed even while lying in bed:

The twist: lying on your back, bend your knees so that the feet rested on the bed surface, hands fixed in izgolove bed, in this position it is necessary to make several turns to the right and left;

The cat – get up on the bed on all fours, slowly, alternately bend and arch your back;

The rotation of the brushes in the wrists clockwise and counterclockwise;

Turns head to the right and to the left of the midline of the body.

In the upright position, you can continue with the following warm-up exercises for morning exercises:

Rotation of the arms in the elbow joints;

Rotation in the shoulders, Mahi hands;

“Scissors” with crossing arms in front of chest;

Leg swings;

Shallow inclinations of the torso left and right, back and forth;

Rotation of the pelvis clockwise and counterclockwise.

The total duration of the workout is 3-4 minutes, and then move to more intensive the main part.

Core exercises for morning exercises

The main part also lasts 3-4 minutes, and the main condition in her movement needs to be more intense in strength compared with the warm-up. Morning exercises for weight loss should include the most appropriate for this exercise:

Bending forward from a standing position – feet shoulder width apart, palms of hands should touch the floor without bending the knees; if this result is difficult to achieve, the first goal should be to touch the floor with your finger tips; as an option for “advanced” – touch the breast of the knees;

Forward bends from a seated position on the floor – the legs are straight, the fingertips should reach for the toes, ideally to touch knees to chest, clasping the palms of the foot; exercise trains the muscles of the abdominal wall;

Stand on the blades – the legs are straight, together; then try to touch the floor behind your head with your toes;

Boat – lie on stomach, legs bent at the knees, lift the upper torso and clasp ankles palms; swinging in this position for a few seconds.

Each movement of the main part is repeated 5-8 times in an intense pace.

The complex of exercises for morning exercises for men

The male body as exercises for the main part of the charging in the morning can give a more pronounced load:

Push-UPS – raising the body, straighten the arms in the elbow joints; exercise trains the chest muscles, arms, buttocks;

Push-UPS against a wall – similar to the previous exercise, the body in a vertical position;

Squats – feet are not off the floor, back straight, arms out in front; squats provide a dynamic load to the muscles of the anterior thigh and static for the group of muscles hamstrings, buttocks and calves of the legs;

Pull-UPS – well trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Morning exercise for weight loss

In order to lose weight, compound exercises for morning exercises should contain items such as:

Step in place with high knees;

Jumping in place – on both legs and alternately on the right and left;

The shift of center of gravity from one foot to the other (starting position – legs as wide as possible, one bent at the knee, the other straightened);

Lunges forward alternately with one foot, then the other;

Leg swings with the skid.

Effective exercises for weight loss is an average pace without surge, before meal and after it wait for at least 1 hour.

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