Fitness as a lifestyle

Us with Bones once met through friends – and I knew immediately that we were on the same wavelength, the wave of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. And I, frankly, was always a little ashamed that I am not able to follow – so much he manages! Judge for yourself: 25 years he managed to obtain two degrees, a PhD – and all this without departing from the fitness and availability of permanent employment. Even now, working on the Moscow exchange, he always finds time for sport, because it’s really part of his life. What can I say? I give a standing ovation!

A conscious desire to join the physical education first appeared in 19 years: the impetus for this was a willful act of quitting Smoking cigarettes and hookah. Then it seemed to me that the gym and pool to strengthen my willpower and not allowed to return to the pernicious habit. And so it happened.

Over the next 4 years, I got involved in a healthy lifestyle. Gaining knowledge, experimenting with training programs, and tested his strength. Just remember that even then I was not satisfied with the frequency of training about 3-4 times a week. So I increased the number of visits to the gym 5-6 times a week. This rhythm has allowed to achieve good results and without the use of special sports nutrition. This diet is still not present in my diet – it’s the principle. It is important for me to know what they are capable of the body without any artificial stimulation. Just remember that as a result of regular training, I was a little pumped that didn’t allow me to move freely and to feel the ease when driving.

To remedy the situation, I have incorporated the training process cardio (running). It was an attempt to find a balance between the hardware and ease of movement. First run was tested at the Central stadium. Distance are overcome, was 2 km away. Remember that it was not easy. However, when I asked the trainer if it’s enough, got a reply that it is almost nothing.

Currently I feel the physical culture conscious process. In the past two years has become a habit every day to cover the distance of 6 km Is running on rough terrain with elevation changes of 40 to 80 meters of the roller ski track in G. Odintsovo, where I come from. The only negative is that the track is not illuminated, so later in the day have to run in the city. The course I’m reading the notes on his phone. This allows you to assess whether you are progressing or not, in what form you are. As an example, say that the first race above the track took me 35 minutes and made three stops. Now it’s non-stop running in the 25-26 minutes. There is a desire to reach the level of candidate master of sports of athletics.

By the way, in the winter time running is replaced by skiing. This winter I will strive to increase the distance to 12 km still on skis easier to navigate, I think, because during descent have the opportunity to rest.

Together with daily Jogging still training in the gym or outdoor workout on the bar. In the summer, when the body is in principle not ready to gain weight, street is dominated by the classes on the horizontal bars: parallel bars, pull-UPS, push-UPS. However, with the onset of autumn I gradually moved to the gym. There aid training the shoulder girdle complex chest muscles, hands, press I actively gaining muscle mass. With the growth of 177 cm weight can reach up to 80 kg. And from the combination of “rocking” and cardio workouts not created effect of percutante always present and ease of movement. As I mentioned earlier is one of the goals which I try to adhere to.

Another area of focus for me are the classes in tennis, which I regularly do for the past two years. In one of the books was given gradation sports by their influence on brain development. On the first and second place were table tennis respectively. I have practiced tennis, when I learned this fact. After analyzing the changes that I think was due to practice tennis, I agree with the above gradation.

It seems to me that any person interested in its development and needs to understand what he has achieved in the framework of the training process. For this I choose to participate in the competition. Where else, one can feel the spirit of competition, to get a burst of adrenaline in the blood and to test his strength.

In 2013 I set for myself the following competitive stages. Ski race in the Olympics ministries and agencies. Then I took 9th place out of 45 participants, improving the time of passing the 5 km distance from 24 to 16 minutes, compared with the 2011 result.

Then I participated in an adventure race organized by RedFox and held in Vyborg (Leningrad region) on the border of the Russian Federation and Finland. It was non-stop two-day Derby, which included: orienteering in the woods (28 km), swimming (500 m), a Cycling stage (70 km), Canoeing, kayaking stage (32 km), climbing. In total, it was covered about 150 miles in 42 hours. I can tell about this event, but the main idea will still be – “it was worth it”.

The last important test was the participation in the race for 10 km, which was organized by the running club of Nike. I was happy with the result (40:46), as the aim was to keep within 40 minutes.

All that you have learned about the areas of physical culture, which I chose, perhaps suggests: where is the place to work schedule. I hasten to note that all previously mentioned can be combined with the heightened rhythm of work. The fact that the main thing is not to feel sorry for yourself. So after some working day I think deserved to go home and rest. Although during the day if it was loaded, not physical. All I propose to overcome itself and to go to the gym, because it will be much healthier for you than just relaxing on the sofa at home. You can always pick up a set of exercises that will suit you on that particular evening and will not worsen your health and will only improve. I confess that every time hitting the gym through the power and leaving it, I feel a sense of pride. It’s the feeling of what it was able to overcome my laziness.

For myself, I decided that choosing a healthy lifestyle, there can be no compromise. If you are going to achieve results, improve your physical condition, your health, you just need to give up bad habits. Such as alcohol, Smoking. It would be great if it was possible to combine various pleasure as alcoholic night parties and Jogging. But alas, the result will be blurry. As in the saying: chases two rabbits – you will not catch. I think a healthy lifestyle is the hare, which is, going. The Foundation of self to do not easy, but this work will pay dividends in the future everyone will say thanks to yourself for it. Just have to wait a bit.

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