How to choose an elliptical?

All, you made the choice You decided to purchase an elliptical trainer to practice in the comfort of your own home. Decided on the brand, agreed a price, picked a place for the “Sortovala”. Certainly, before buying consulted with a specialist.

And yet, before choosing an elliptical trainer . it is worth checking important parameter, the decisive factor is the length of the pitch. For example, when the height of 170 cm, the optimal step length is the distance from 40 cm or more. This “step” allows “full”, but without

reloading to train a larger number of muscles of the legs, the press and hands than with a smaller length. One word: be a step shorter than needed and less muscle will be involved in the process and improve the body and healing the body. Because the elliptical trainer is simulator ski walk. Accordingly, the greater the scope to “slip” feet, the more muscles involved in the workout. In General, experts believe that a good stride length on the elliptical trainer provides the best results. Good length at professional fitness equipment is at least 50 cm of Course, with the acquisition of machines for professional work and for recreational activities, yet there is a natural desire to save money, there is the temptation to hire an affordable trainer, whose step length is just small. But here we must remember that machines with a small step only suitable for small (less than 165 cm, people. Otherwise benefit from the savings will be very dubious, and instead ski distance classes are more likely to recall the lessons on the stepper.

The next parameter that deserves close attention when deciding “how to choose an elliptical trainer is the maximum weight of the user. Here the rule is simple: when you select the simulator you want the user’s weight was at least 10 kg less than the characteristics declared by the manufacturer as the maximum weight of the user. And should not jump to accusations from the manufacturer in bad faith or knavery! This recommendation aims to ensure that the simulator was not working at the limit and longer served.

Another stage – the choice of system loading. As is known, when a magnetic system, the load is changed manually, and when the electromagnetic load with the buttons on the computer. Also, when choosing elliptical trainer with magnetic system of loading should pay attention to the weight of the flywheel, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother will be the course in the simulator and comfortable classes. In elliptical exercise machines with electromagnetic system of loading weight flywheel does not play a role, because the smoothness in this case is provided by the impact of the induction coil on the flywheel magnets. Due to this fact Ellipticals with electromagnetic system of loading are not as bulky and can fit even in a small area.

Generally, elliptical trainers, there are three types: mechanical, electrical, and generator type. The easiest option – mechanical elliptical trainer, the user moves solely by their efforts. Pros – no need to waste money on electricity, and the cost of the models of this series are relatively low. Cons – the smoothness less than that of the non-mechanical “fellow”, but the noise level more. Mechanical elliptical trainers are made only with a magnetic system of loading.

As for electric elliptical trainers, they perfectly combine and smooth running, and low noise, reliability and duration of use. The prices are not only, as they say, a pleasant surprise, but also make electric elliptical trainers available for many who want to engage in their health and in good physical shape. The system of loading in these elliptical fitness machines can be either magnetic (electronic adjustment) and electromagnetic.

But the first place by modern technology, of course, take Ellipticals generator type, which combine the advantages of both mechanical and electrical elliptical trainers. Braking system quickly and professionally responds to the load level, the noise is absent, smart computer implements the best option load after entering the necessary training parameters. Models have a variety of control panel, you can select the most attractive option in terms of ease of use. The visual appeal of the simulator should also be to “soul” – or rather, home interior, positive atmosphere and good mood.

Take your time seeking to choose an elliptical trainer solely on the recommendations of friends and advertising of the ratio “price-quality”. It is advisable to try alleged to buy the machine in the store or in the gym. Scroll pedals in forward and reverse direction, to feel the comfort from contact with the levers for hands, to deal with the display… Then talk in detail about the functionality of vending simulator, compare programs, decide on the set of the most necessary functions and programs just for You. And, of course, don’t forget to ask about warranty terms – here, too, there is some variability. Yes, the combination of all the needed parameters, a certain level of “results” and in a certain value. Online shop “Sportolari” is really a wide range of elliptical trainers, where each instance has undoubted merits. Experts will provide professional advice about each of them. The correct selection and proper use of the elliptical trainer will provide You with health and pleasure!

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