How to choose an elliptical trainer for home

Elliptical trainer is a relatively recent invention, representing a something between a treadmill and an exercise bike. Classes on “ellipsoid” train the major muscle groups and strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

This type of simulators currently have gained high popularity and today it is impossible to imagine without it no fitness center. And thanks to its compact size, the elliptical trainer also often been used for the house.

How to choose an elliptical trainer for the home?

1. Many people will use them?

It’s one thing if you buy a trainer for only himself and another to acquire it for the whole family. In the second case, you are advised to pay attention to the regulation of stride length . For people of different height, it is desirable to modify this setting to make the training more comfortable and effective.

2. What is your weight?

Each simulator has features where specified maximum permissible weight training. Consultants usually recommend to choose the simulator so that your weight was 15-20 pounds lighter than the maximum.

By the way, if you decide to choose an elliptical trainer with the goal of losing weight, then push off the actual weight, and not from projected still several months of work at the limit will not benefit your “ellipsoid”.

3. What drive to choose?

Elliptical trainers differ on the front – and rear-wheel drive depending on the location of the flywheel. The front-drive models, the flywheel is at the front, so when training the body is more vertical position. And when training on the model with a rear “engine” that your body will be tilted slightly forward.

Elliptical trainer with front wheel drive

Elliptical trainer with rear wheel drive

The selection of the actuator depends on your personal preference by the test drive. But experience has shown that tall people are often uncomfortable when training on RWD models (depends on model). So if your height allows you to Unscrew the bulb, without getting up on a stool, then pay special attention to models with front wheel drive.

4. How “smart” you need a trainer?

Today the market can offer you to choose an elliptical trainer, Packed with a variety of “smart” functions. To measure heart rate and distance traveled has the capability of even the simplest apparatus, and more expensive models can self-assess your preparation or offer to compete with a virtual opponent.

Think about what you want from your “ellipsoid”? If you have enough of the basic functions, then take a simple model. You will not get stuck in the buttons on the control panel and save your budget.

5. What type of load adjustment you need?

There are 3 types of elliptical trainers:




Mechanical “ellipsoids” involve manual adjustment of the load that will cause you a few seconds to distract from the workout. These models are the most noisy and least smooth ride. But the price is affordable.

Magnetic trainers provide control of the load using the buttons on the control panel. They are fairly smooth and almost silent. The price is average.

Electromagnetic possess the most smooth and accurate adjustment of the load, operate without noise, but the price bites. These are usually found in good fitness clubs.

6. How much space are you willing to sacrifice?

The space must be enough not only to put the simulator, but in order to engage it. When training nothing should hamper your movements.

If you can’t afford the trainer is constantly occupied in your apartment a few squares, then you should pay attention to foldable models are also available in the market.

But note that in this case, after you workout you have to fold and to transport more than fifty pounds. If you already decide to choose a folding elliptical trainer, then make sure that it has wheels for transport.

7. Whether you need to control your heart rate?

It’s not the most important point, but I decided to pay attention to it. If you suddenly, for some reason you need to constantly monitor your pulse, ask the model with special telemetry sensor, such as a lapel.

Most standard models of heart rate measurement is carried out only when you hold on to grab bars. That is, to measure the heart rate you need to take your hand off the operating handles.

And finally – the most important tip. Before choosing an elliptical trainer for home, go to the store, talk with the seller and do some test drives.

Don’t be afraid to seem anal or obsessive. You choose is not a cheap toy, therefore, deserve attention. To go for advice is better to a specialty store, not a sports supermarket. In recent consultants are not particularly aware of the intricacies concerning the choice of the “ellipsoids”.

As to the place of purchase, then decide for yourself. I think we need to be guided by such factors as price, warranty and reputation of the seller.

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