How to choose running shoes in winter?

Running shoes – this is the most important part of any run. And properly fitted running shoes are the guarantee of good mood and good health. Regular sneakers are not exactly useful.

Running shoes winter must have:

Elastic sole, which becomes one solid piece of iron in the cold;

Sole with distinct tread;

The fastener or chain that will provide maximum traction with icy road;

Protective top layer that protects against cold and moisture;

Insulated part from the inside, where as the insulation can act fur;

The height above the tibia and special tab, which will prevent snow inside the Shoe;

Waterproof membrane cushioning system in the front of the sole;

Quality the lacing, where the laces are long and dense;

Sufficient free space around one centimeter;

Removable insoles that easy to get out of the Shoe.

No matter branded shoes you wear or not, as long as you like and satisfy all your needs. First of all, running shoes needs to sit comfortably on the leg.

Note: the major Federal stores sold a large number of winter variants of shoes, but the prices are far from affordable. Local flea markets you will be able to find some decent running shoes that have a value two times lower than in the store. Furthermore there you can bargain and buy shoes even cheaper.

How to choose socks for winter sneakers

Beginners wear three pairs of socks under wool and they have to put on sneakers. This option is not safe. Socks for running in the winter must be semi-synthetic, which are readily absorb moisture and the air, just so your feet can breathe. The seams on these socks also should not be present.

Socks for sneakers needs to be high, as their main duty is to protect the ankles from the cold.

Today in specialized shops sell special socks made from elastane, wool and Thermolite. Ribbed sole of these socks enables you to create better contact with the shoes.

Three layers for better running

The most comfortable will be the one running, not overloaded with clothes. So for running in winter should abide by the principle of “three layers”.

The first layer

It is made of, that is, to clothe the naked body should be underwear, or underwear with lycra. Both of these options will not allow to reproduce the excess bacteria, and you will not feel the moisture on itself. People while running, sweats, and underwear brings sweat to the second layer of clothing.

The second layer

This layer is insulating, meaning it retains heat and protects the body from cold, turning the moisture in the form of sweat on the third layer of clothing. It can be clothing made of fleece, for example, a sweatshirt or sweater.

The third layer

This is a protective layer which protects you from snow, wind and rain. A specialized garment – it is different technology type Windstopper. Thanks to the third layer, the excess heat is released and creates a windproof layer. It can be jackets, coats and so on.

With these three layers, the athlete will feel while running comfortably and confidently.

Foot health is paramount

The main thing you should think about is to keep your feet healthy. And one of the main principles is comfortable and painless sports is correctly matched shoes.

All podiatrists took into account the fact that the runner who enjoys sports, the cushioning in the Shoe. Sneakers that do not have cushioning properties, will cause much more harm than thin clothes in the cold. Due to running in sneakers without suspension you will need a longer recovery. If you have overweight, you sneakers with shock absorption is necessary.

How to determine the pronation independently

Today to determine the placing of the feet even without the availability of the devices. For starters, look at the wear on their shoes and determine which side it is worn more. Go and ask to look at you back, may even ask you to remove on video. So you will see in which direction it moves when running your ankle joint after setting his feet.

Where to buy running shoes for winter running

Buy running shoes either in store or in a market where sellers are well versed in pronation. Do not buy running shoes in winter sports supermarkets, as there are many consultants don’t know the difference between specialized Jogging sneakers and shoes for fitness. Buy the shoes in multi-brand specialty stores where you can offer different sneakers manufacturers.

Do not select shoes by color or beauty, no matter male or female. To begin, select sneakers, and then be selected to match their clothes.

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