How to choose the right equipment for home

All the trainers that can be easily used at home, are divided into 2 types. First enhance your endurance – cardio, and the rest will develop your strength – strength training. Vibro is a separate group of devices for body care, which do not belong neither to the one nor to the other group, they only participate in the modeling of the body and not in athletic training.

Cardio equipment – treadmills, elliptical, rowing and Biking. Also increase the stamina you will help Steppers. Power devices are benches and simulators, in which the load using not only the weight of a person, and/or free, built-in weight. However, it should be remembered that this division is not absolute: regular classes in any of the types of trainers will develop endurance and strength, but in different degrees. So what is the machine on which you will be able to deal systematically with pleasure? And how to understand this diversity, we offer you the sports equipment of different types, shapes and sizes? First, define your goal.


If your friends bought an exercise bike magnetic. this does not mean that you will be fine. When you want to lose weight, then cardio workout will be more helpful, but those who dream about the relief muscles should think about power models. Only one this feature will allow you to Refine your search, but do not forget about their preferences. Perhaps a certain type of physical activity you enjoy or Vice versa. For example, if in your life you are avoiding stairs and prefer to ride the Elevator, you with the probability to 99.9% do not like to exercise on the stepper. But those who like frequent Hiking, you need to ponder purchasing a treadmill that can maintain a similar feeling, but still in absolutely any weather.

The magnetic exercise bike

How much you willing to spend on sports equipment, is also a fundamental characteristic of choice. Range most suitable prices to cover a huge segment of the goods, all depends on the type and model. If you need two devices, a good option for you would be to spend a large portion of the budget for high-quality and good cardio and add to it an inexpensive sportoborudovanie for strength training: dumbbells, a chin-up bar, a barbell or weights.

A large number of machines are equipped with lots of features with the latest technology. They significantly increase the cost, but so do they need? Heart rate sensors, monitors with calorie counters and timers is not the key to an effective workout, so even the base model of any equipment at no additional opportunities will be a good choice for the home.

Be sure to pay attention to the warranty, return and repair costs, which is not included in the warranty obligations of the seller. Also an important criterion in the choice of the simulator are the conditions of use and storage. Measure its dimensions and calculate the area in your home he will take after purchase he didn’t block you need an electrical outlet or not standing directly under the air conditioning.

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