How to choose trenger

Will touch on in this theme the question of how to choose a trainer. Here is a list that I purchased second-hand equipment, their price and my attitude towards them.

• Mini-trampoline. A lot of fun. It can even do fat people. Approximate asking price of $ 200. It cost me at a garage sale and was $ 10. I purchased a trampoline for my mother as well for $ 10. dumbbells.

Cast iron, four and a half pounds. At a garage sale and I paid 1 dollar; whether they are new, I’d have to shell out at least $ 20—25. Rod with removable weight. The demon rod with all placed on her by the plates is equal to eight kilograms. I got for free! I found her in the basement rented me the house. Apparently, the previous occupant of forgetfulness left her.

• the Weights on the wrists. I use them while walking and other exercises from the program in aerobics. Got for free. One friend, in which they lie idle, gave it to me. At the time they cost the store about $ 25. I am delighted with them.

• the Weights on the ankle. Two pairs of 2 pounds each (that is, the load on the ankle is 1 kilogram). They are very useful when you are watching TV. They can also be put on the wrist. At a garage sale and they cost me a dollar per pair.

• Step . Very convenient for doing step aerobics in front of the TV. Cost me only $ 6.

• video tapes with exercises, manufacturer company ’s The Firm. I got them for 3 to 4 dollar apiece, although at present they are sold on average for $ 15.

• Videos with breathing exercises, manufacturer «Bocly Flex”. I am very wary of breathing exercises and was not going to pay for these tapes as much as “say in the TV”. Still, I bought a set of tapes in the surplus store for only $ 8. However, I am so impressed at the results that I in retail acquired more complex breathing exercises “Oxycise” and “Life Lift.

• Videotape Karen Voight “Strong and smooth moves”. Cost me one dollar at a garage sale and I really do not like it. However, I get my money back when I give the house the sale of used things. Isn’t that right?

• Trainer “rider” — $ 10. In local advertising newspaper I found an ad about selling it. New simulator of this type would cost two hundred dollars. I really like this simulator. Gives blood to stagnate, when I waste time watching TV. He is completely silent, which I really appreciate in fitness equipment, durable, does not fail and will involve most muscle groups.

• Obsolenscence simulator. Cost me $ 700, including packaging and delivery. If I had time, I would wait for it to become cheaper. However, I do not believe that paid plenty. New for a few hundred dollars more expensive. Obsolenscence the simulator can be used for muscle building and stretching. It is durable, well-made. When you work on it, have great fun, and this simulator, we can say, saved my life after a car accident. That’s it I gradually developed an injured muscle groups. The new model, as always advertised by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, is currently $ 1,200.

The following article will tell you about strength training, tips the great Ronnie Coleman and Markus Ruhl . IFBB Pro and Arnold classic .

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