How to develop endurance in running and other sports

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Endurance – the body’s ability to withstand the intense load within a certain length of time. Required she’s not only professional athletes or representatives of power structures. The move, work in the garden, long walks, bike rides, even long shopping — in everyday life it happens many situations where a good physical condition is necessary. Therefore, the question of how to develop endurance, it is very important for any modern man.

Looking for motivation

Trained, hardy person is different – smart, portly, without excess weight. His movements become more accurate, fast and confident. But the changes don’t end with appearance. In the composition of the blood increases the number of red blood cells, contributes to the achievement of the internal organs of oxygen. Strengthens the heart muscle, improves the respiratory muscles.

Modern man, with a vast array of information, can easily develop endurance while running. Anthropologists have proven that the ancient people were the best runners on the planet. Moreover, they fled not only quickly (the modern Olympic Champions next to them would have seemed awkward Junior), but also extremely long. One could argue that the ancestors were more motivated by hunger, or sharp teeth behind. But these excuses are for the lazy. Be hardy in the race means to learn to run longer and faster. This will improve your performance in skiing, swimming, rowing, Cycling and many other sports and activities.

Ways, how to be a hardy lot. But the main thing – the right motivation. Without it, any methodology will bring nothing but suffering. After all, you have to go from a sedentary state, this comfortable and familiar. Now we need to move, to become healthier and more beautiful, to add to his years of life and moments of positivity. If you do not ready, then you can not read.

But if you firmly embarked on the path of physical self-improvement, it is useful to know some more information.

Kinds of endurance

Endurance – the concept of volume. The species is endurance in the sport a long time dedicated professionals. Classic typology is as follows:

Aerobic endurance is muscular work and movement due to oxygen supply. Develops mainly through prolonged exercise.

Anaerobic endurance – the ability to perform the work without the participation of oxygen. The body is using internal resources. To develop anaerobic endurance can repetitions of high-intensity training is limited to the recovery time.

But this classification is more interesting for the athletes. In everyday life we just need to know that endurance is General and special .

Special endurance-specific professional activities. The components of it vary depending on the type of operation being carried out. Someone needs a long time to stay in one position, others have to get used to working in conditions of oxygen deficiency.

Endurance in running

How to increase stamina when running – the question is not idle, even if you are not going to win the Boston marathon. Running is the best way to keep the body in good shape, normal weight, and mood.

Tips for beginners

Acceptability. The load should be comfortable.

The regularity. Training should be regular.

Gradualness. To increase your running pace and distance gradually.

System Craig Beesley — the ragged rhythm

Well-known canadian marathoner Craig Beesley recommended the following system: run at maximum speed for 30 seconds, then make the transition to a peaceful walk for 5 seconds. Perform 8 repetitions of these actions, training three training sessions per week and in a month will be able to feel the strengthening the body and increasing stamina. Gradually increase the number of repetitions and the time of maximum load.

Method the Bart Yasso — interval running

Another method proposed Bart Yasso who is the Manager of the organization of the Runner’s World Race. It consists in the following. It is necessary to divide the target distance at intervals of 800 meters, and the total race time divided by the number of intervals. Once a week to arrange a race consisting of several such intervals, running them in the allotted time. Every week add one interval and eventually conquer the entire distance completely.

Endurance in everyday life

If you decide to raise your level of General physical development, want to become hardy and strong in daily life, work on the functionality of the body, that I use constantly. Run, take long walks, Biking, skiing, rollerblading, ice skating. Regular jump rope, because it is one of the most simple and effective exercises for endurance. Gather small yard team in football or any other sport. Sports games give not only a lot of emotions, but also bring real benefits to health.

How to increase muscle endurance? Perform basic exercises for the development of major muscle groups with a gradual increase in repetitions. General physical condition will also improve. Because you exercise, and it is always a good thing (to a professional sport is not the case, there are other rules of survival).

Home workout

The easiest and most affordable way to improve your own physical activity – to start running. It is now fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle, so people running look with some degree of envy. But with the onset of the cold season envy can be replaced by sympathy or understanding. To run, pulling their feet drifts is not just endurance, but the real training a special forces soldier.

If you yourself do not belong to the last, still upset’t need. You can develop endurance and at home. Help this treadmill or stationary bike. The main thing is not to turn them in next to the towel rack and clothes, and really to do.

It is possible to manage and without additional equipment. Regular sit-UPS, jumping, pull-UPS (chin-up bar in the doorway is the simplest solution) will allow you to keep yourself in shape all year without a monetary investment.

The most important thing

One day thinking about how to become more resilient, and started to realize his desire in life, you will never have to stop. Otherwise, all previous efforts will go down the drain. Just a few weeks of muscle inactivity leads to serious losses in terms of functionality. Familiar and seemingly simple exercise will become very heavy loads. If you chose the path of a healthy body, toned body and good mood, then go through it to the end.

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