How to do fitness

Healthy lifestyle, exercise and a good figure are increasingly becoming integral parts of a successful woman. In order to keep yourself in shape and meet all modern standards, many girls and women choose classes in fitness clubs. If you have just started training or are going to do in the near future, we offer you to learn how to do fitness, to achieve maximum results.

10 tips for beginners

Even if the sport we associate with a healthy lifestyle, not all know that

is the wrong approach to the sporting activities may harm the health. Especially for those beginners who are not familiar with the sport mode and rules that must be followed when certain physical loads. To maintain good form and not experience any problems, listen to the recommendations of experienced fitness trainers.

1. Create training plans

Some people visit gyms without much sense. They have no idea how and what muscles need to work, and then are surprised to no positive effect. To avoid this, define the goals and create in Notepad a plan for each subsequent workout. Try to stick to this plan and maintain records that will enable you to keep track of your accomplishments.

If you need special exercise for weight loss – read the literature, look at the Internet, and better use the help of a coach who will gladly give a number of tips for beginners and will tell you how to work with fitness equipment, what is the frequency of training it is better to observe and more. One or two coaching consultation will cost quite inexpensive, considering that you will get invaluable advice from a professional.

2. Don’t forget to stretch

Stretching before exercise relaxes the muscles and ligaments, preventing muscle spasms and injuries, and stretching after exercise, promotes muscle recovery after exercise. Don’t forget about it.

3. Don’t overdo it

At the initial stage of fitness excessive enthusiasm can work against you. Do not lift too much weight and don’t work too long. If you overdo it, then, at best, in the next few days will suffer from muscle pain, and at worst, earn injury, which may be serious. You should not experiment on your body, it may break.

Your body will need of repair, so give yourself plenty of rest between workouts. Alternate strength exercises. For example, in one lesson, let’s load on the upper torso, and the other on the bottom. Thus, the body will be less tired.

Do not worry if the first time will be a small soreness in your muscles is a normal reaction untrained body of a newcomer to new challenges.

4. Increase the load

If you want to do correctly, namely, to see and feel positive changes in your body, you need to gradually increase the load. Easy 20 minute jog on the treadmill or a series of simple exercises will not bring tangible results. When you start to think that the classes are fairly easy – increase the loading and the number of approaches.

5. Change exercise, adjust the plan

Once the body gets used to the training regime, the growth of muscle mass and fat burning will slow down. To avoid this, you need to periodically change the fitness exercises and make adjustments to the training plan. For example, set aside time dumbbells and take a weight. Or try practicing on simulators that you have never used before.

6. Don’t be lazy

Some training elements may not be to your liking, it happens — but it does not mean that they can be neglected. You should not be lazy, you have to train according to plan. Perform your favorite exercises only can lead to the disruption of the balance and symmetry of the body. For example, if you love power load on the shoulder belt and fall in love with only them, then after a time you still have to compensate for the lag in the development of other muscle groups, because the excessive development of the shoulders, chest and arms will look harmonious with underdeveloped legs.

7. Work efficiently and with concentration

Good cardio workouts can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Work with weight takes another 30-40 minutes. Keep track of time and rest between sets no more than a minute. If you do not watch the clock, respite can last more than 3 minutes. Remember, too long rest reduces the effectiveness of the session. Focus on exercises and purposefully move towards the end of the workout.

8. Drink sports drinks

To during exercise to maintain proper energy balance, drink a sports drink rich in electrolytes. There are many sports drinks are designed for different loads and sports. Talk to your coach and let him tell you which one to choose. But remember, sports drinks are not designed for everyday quenching thirst. Use them only during intense, grueling workouts.

9. Be as active

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. which slows down the circulation and burning fat. So with the help of one of fitness, especially if you are training 1-2 times per week, it is very difficult to lose weight or maintain your optimal physical shape. Try to be active not only during sports, but also outside the gym. The more you walk, play outdoor games, often get out of the house or state repair. Here all means are good. The main thing is that you were in motion.

10. Follow the diet

Beginners always think that the sport is — it is a regular exercise and all. This statement is only partly true. Fitness — it’s a lifestyle, and not the hours spent at the gym. And one of the important components of such a lifestyle is a sports diet because nutrients — these are the main elements of the regeneration of muscles. To quickly shed weight, it is important to understand that your body needs protein and vitamins, and not in fats and unhealthy food. Daily intake should contribute to the goals that you set for yourself, and do not hinder them, so try to follow a healthy diet and correct diet.

Now, as a professional gymnast crunches on exercise. The exercises are simple, but very effective. I advise you to adopt to anyone who wants to lose weight, get lean, get rid of the abdomen to inflate the abdominal muscles or simply maintain them in good shape.

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