How to start running Fitness

How to start running

Jogging is the most common sports fans are people who want to lose weight or sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Running is the best way to maintain the body in good shape that is conducive to the production of endorphins, accelerate blood circulation and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Regular Jogging and slow the aging process.

The benefits of running are endless, but there are also contraindications

. such as:

– heart disease;

– circulatory disorders;

– thrombophlebitis of the legs;

– severe hypertension.

– flat feet.

Before you start Jogging, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will determine, taking into account your health status, the suitability of this type of training.


Where Jogging

Jogging is preferable to choose the Park or city stadium. The Park is nice with its atmosphere, helping to tune in a positive way and relieves stress. In the stadiums is usually present high-quality coverage of treadmills that facilitates training. You can also purchase a special trainer and run home.

What kind of sports equipment to choose for Jogging

Correctly matched sportswear can at times improve the quality of training. Not necessarily to buy things from a well-known sport brands, it is enough to pick up a set that is comfortable, does not hinder movement and corresponds to the current time of year.

The choice of sports shoes should be given special attention. On running shoes is better not to save and buy them in specialized shops, where experienced consultants will choose the best option for you.

The choice of the appropriate time for running

If you prefer to go Jogging in the mornings, the most preferred time – 6:30-7:30. During this time period the body respond well to muscular load. However, if you like to sleep late, runs perfect any other time.

Professional athletes are advised to choose a time to run against the objectives you hope to achieve. If your goal is to strengthen the blood vessels and nervous system, as well as maintaining overall body tone, then run in the morning. If you aim to lose weight – run in the evening. However, you should not take these recommendations as dogma. Exercise when it’s convenient for you and stick to a selected time in the future.

Preparing for the run

Remember not to run after meals. Before training, drink a bit of water to avoid dehydration. Before starting a run a few minutes walk briskly, breathe deeply, do Mahi hands and feet.

How to run

Try to run directly, avoid tilting your body forward, don’t run, leap and not make any sudden movements. Not sapacitabine and keep head down – keep it right, look in front of him. Breathe through your nose, keep your arms bent at the elbows (angle – 90 degrees). While Jogging do not talk. Focus on the process and avoid distractions. No need to run through the force, if you suddenly something sick or had trouble breathing. If you experience discomfort, you should slow down and breathe through the mouth. For the elderly, children and those who do not consume frequent and intense physical activity, some valid limitations: slow running, alternating walking and running, where walking is prevalent.

How much to run

Start Jogging with short workouts. Don’t try to squeeze out the maximum of strength and energy. Beginners shows 15-minute sessions. In two weeks time can be increased to 1 hour. Alternate Jogging and fast walking, such training is considered the most effective for losing weight and strengthening the heart muscle.

The frequency of running

To start run a few times a week, gradually increasing the amount of training. Subsequently you mentally and physically addicted to the load and will be able to do this every day.

How to know if a running load

To jog, you should know the frequency of your resting heart rate. After I finished a run, measure your pulse again. If after training he became 50% more, received during the run, the load is acceptable and sufficient.

What to do immediately after Jogging

Do some simple exercises or just walk slowly from side to side to stand in one place, immediately after Jogging impossible. Drink non-carbonated mineral water to restore the water balance. You can then take a cool shower, which is needed not only for hygiene, but also to strengthen the nervous system, blood vessels, toning the skin, improved mood and increased activity.

Running or Jogging, and it will save you from extra pounds, strengthen the immune system, will give confidence and a positive attitude.

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