In athletic and mobile games.

In athletic and mobile games aimed at the development of speed, agility, and speed endurance, spatial orientation; to develop skills in collective action, education of perseverance, determination, initiative, and resourcefulness; the maintenance of mental and physical health; stress relief combat training activities.

In athletic and mobile games are organized in the gym and outdoors. In the content of training in sports games included General developmental and

special exercises without the ball and with the ball, exercise technique and tactics, two-sided training games. In the preparatory part of the training included drills, walking, running different ways, exercises in the movements of the player, General exercises, simple exercises with balls, outdoor games and relay races. In the content of the main part of the training included exercises in the techniques and tactics of basketball, volleyball, handball, football (Futsal), etc. Outdoor games in the classroom are conducted in the preparatory and main parts. In the preparation part includes games that are aimed at preparing the body for the upcoming physical exertion. The duration of these games should not be large. In the main part of the lesson included the game without the ball and with the ball aimed at improving various qualities of military personnel, and also learners to master the basics of sports games, coherence in the composition of divisions, nurturing qualities.

14. Morning physical exercise. The purpose, duration, structure. The contents of the holding by the HFA for the 1st option.

Morning physical exercises is performed in order to rapidly bring the body after sleeping in a vigorous condition and systematic physical exercise. Charging is an indispensable element of the routine begins 10 minutes after lifting and is held daily, except for weekends and holidays. Its length is 30 – 50 min. Morning physical exercises is usually in the form of complex activities, including preparatory, main and final part. Exemplary embodiments of the morning physical exercises given in table No. 1. The venue for morning physical exercises are assigned to units. They should be well lit. Distance for walking and running are laid out pointers. Soldiers serving under the contract, morning exercises self-study, and during training camp and fees in the subdivision. Conscripts, cadets of military educational institutions do morning exercises in the subdivision under the leadership of Deputy commander of a platoon or the best prepared squad. Conscripts, cadets of military educational institutions having first sports category and above, included in the national teams, with the permission of the commander of the military unit, the head of the University can enjoy a morning physical exercises independently. Control morning physical exercises are done daily on duty of military unit and, periodically, the commanders (chiefs), specialists of physical training and medical services.

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