Increase speed endurance in running

Running came into your life and you now know what benefits are sports. But sooner or later, want something new,for example, run at your usual time the distance is longer. And we say to ourselves I want to run faster. And before us there is the question of what needs to be done to improve speed endurance?

First, an extending step we do not increase your speed. Instead of running will be jumping. The value of the running step depends on the force pushing. And don’t forget about stretching during the warm-up. There are

times when it is not possible to run fast due to insufficient stretching of the flexors and extensors of the legs.

Exercise for stretching. Put your feet on width of your step, the right leg in front, another behind. Stop right looking right, left foot turned at a 90 degree angle in the direction of movement. The knee of your right leg bent. You need to embrace right thigh with your hands and pull the body to the right leg. At this time, we begin to slowly move to the left supporting leg bent at the knee. Repeat the same by changing the position of the legs.

Secondly, it is necessary to remember about the mistake that many, usually we don’t notice during slow running, and which immediately catches the eye when we start to run faster. It — our hands, or rather their right work and the rigidity of the upper body. When his shoulders tensed, then in running our body will twist to the side. In consequence, the forward movement of the body is replaced by a swaying of the body.

Exercises for the right hand. Be in front of the mirror. Shoulders should be relaxed. Bend elbows at 90 degrees. Hands not stifle. Straining fingers, we pass voltage and around the shoulder girdle. Begin slowly to work with your hands, keep the angle of bend in the elbows. Look in the mirror and monitor that the upper part of our body remained motionless. With time try to increase the pace of work hands.

To increase the power of push in the running is good exercise technique: running with the overlap of the tibia and running with high lifting hips. The hips need to lift to waist level. Back keep straight. Working hands with an effort. While running with the overlap of the tibia, trying to get the heels to the buttocks, and the body inclined slightly forward. For best effect, you should perform these exercises while Jogging, warm-up. You can do running with high lifting hips one minute, after about five minutes it is run safely. Running running with the overlap of the tibia, and again quiet running. Such repetitions should be done 6 to 8 times.

Another good exercise for developing strength in the ejection, it is a solution with jumps. Become a face to a bench or other flat upland. Execute step left foot on the platform and forcefully push off with the right foot from the ground. At the same time the left foot doing the push from the bench and performed a jump. Right leg, bent at the knee up to the hip. Land with both feet on the bench and come down to earth again, so is running on each leg. Actively working with our hands. On each leg 15-20 jumps.

Good for increasing speed endurance to add to the workout running speed changes. Training replaceable with quiet running fast. Approximately 1-4 minutes, run quickly, after calm and go to run 3 to 8 minutes. The time depends on your fitness. Such repetitions should be done 4-6 times. The fast running time should increase with each workout. With time speed endurance will increase and you can run long distances at a fast pace.

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