Morning exercise

Morning exercise. How many times we have started to do. Gave himself — «all my life to change, I will every day to do exercises». But there were enough of us for 2-3 months.

What’s stopping us?

Why can’t we overcome laziness?

Just want to note, if You do exercises every day not only will this

improve your mood and physical tone, this will be the first step to success.

Only successful people can do something useful every day and not be lazy.

Despite this You continue to find more and more excuses, only to lie longer in bed and DO NOTHING!

It is well known that our body is controlled by your brain, and it very quickly gets used to a certain rhythm and pace of life. And once you are trying to get out of your comfort zone, your brain immediately starts to think of excuses. Yes, so quickly and convincingly that we often obey him and continue to live with old habits.

It turns out that it’s all in my head. Our body is capable of much. Certainly it’s no problem kicking your legs and becoming hands 20 minutes in the morning, without damage to itself.

It is pointless to prove You benefit from charging, all and so know that 20-30 minutes in the morning give you more than 2 hours in the gym 3 times a day.

I want to focus on the complexity of the everyday perform this ritual.

How to make morning exercise was easy and pleasant?

First a little theory.

As I said the problem in our head. More specifically in the processes that occur in it. The brain is responsible for our conscious life. As you are aware of the unconscious part of the mind.

The unconscious part is responsible for the preservation of health and allows you to quickly, without long deliberation to perform certain actions. For example, when the bright sun shines in my eyes we instinctively close our eyes, mind you we do it almost unconsciously. do not wait until the consciousness will calculate the trajectory of incidence of sunlight and will not offer the optimal variant of evasion. Unconscious instantly selects the appropriate and most simple solution to the problem.

Why am I saying all this?

Unconscious drives and the process of how we do morning exercises. From the point of view of the unconscious, our morning exploits just a pointless expenditure of energy, which is not necessary. As they are responsible for maintaining safe and optimal health, then it starts to come up with those excuses, to bring the body to normal from his point of view state.

Now it is clear that hinder us. But how to convince our unconscious?

Here we come to the rescue of will and mind.

Okay, for starters, you need to choose a set of exercises that You will not be much strain. Morning exercises should not harass, her task is to bring the muscles.

The second point of our program, to choose a short period of time, during which you promise to do exercises. Take 2 weeks.

Further, it is necessary to determine the criteria which will prove to you that the goal is achieved. Example, «the Goal is reached, if I 14 days I will perform a set of exercises that chose «.

To achieve another big motivation, think of the prize that you give yourself after you perform the intended purpose. «When I reach my goal, I will let myself go to a movie»

All you need to fix on paper. Take an A4 sheet of paper and write on it our purpose, success criteria and make a sign with two columns. 1 – weekdays, 2 – mark. At the end of the sheet to sign. Thus, you signed a real contract. Secure the sheet in plain view and take action.

Now, doing a set of exercises, you will put a check mark under the day of the week. The number of these ticks will be every day to grow and it will give You strength and confidence. Besides you will see how much You have left to obtain the intended prize.

Let’s add a little bit of self-programming.

In the evening, when you get in bed, relax, and imagine how tomorrow morning, You get up from the bed and begin to do exercises.

To provide as much detail as possible, even better if you will it all to rehearse.

Thus, You are programming your mind for tomorrow morning, be sure that this picture will reach the subconscious mind, it will make him believe that physical exercise, is actually effective and useful habit.

That’s all, I hope these simple steps will help You as helped me to get up every morning and do exercises that will improve health and give a lot of positive emotions.

Over time, the duration of such contracts with them can be increased. And if everything is done perfectly and without delay, will increase Your self-confidence, You’ll realize that all of what you are taking doable. If you were able to instill this habit, then it will be easier to teach yourself daily to do something concrete for the implementation of other desires.

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