Has its own characteristics and morning physical exercises pilots. First of all, these features are associated with the timing of flight activity.

In the days of the flights in the first shift are charging for 12-15 min. its Main contents are complexes of free exercises on 16 bills of Instruction in physical training. Here is a rough plan: 2 – 4 min – walking and slow Jogging (in the room – walking and running in place); 10 min. on floor in place, in motion; 2-4 min slow run. with the transition to walking and relaxation exercises muscles. First, you need to perform floor exercises on

stretching, then a rotation, gradually increasing the amplitude and speed of movement. After that, go to the exercises, stretching and strength (push-UPS, squats, jumping, etc.).

When flying in the second shift morning physical exercises includes a variety of exercises of medium intensity and is calculated on/ 25-30 min typical 30-minute workout is as follows:

6-8 minutes – walking, running, General developmental complexes floor exercise; 6-8 min strength exercises on uneven bars, high bar; 8-10 minutes – Jogging at a slow pace and average; 2-4 min – walking at a slow pace, exercises with deep breathing and muscle relaxation (instead of strength exercises and Jogging in some cases allowed sports games).

During the pre-training morning physical exercises has the greatest load. The main option should be considered as a comprehensive exercises which includes exercises developing strength, agility, quickness, reaction, endurance. Here is an example of a 50-minute integrated charging: 8-10 min – walking, running, exercises for the muscles of the arms, legs, torso, complexes of free exercises; 12-14 min – strength exercises on gymnastic apparatus and jumping over a horse; 10-12 min – mixed movement (alternating walking and running); 3-5 min – slow running and walking, exercises in deep breathing and muscle relaxation

When you exercise the necessary self-control. The load should give in such a way that the number of heart rate did not exceed 110-120 per minute. After finishing charging, the heart rate should be 120 – 150% from baseline. The load should be increased gradually. The magnitude of the pulse may vary in each part of the Charge depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. In addition, you need to remember that when you perform morning exercise should not be excessive sweating, severe redness of the face, frequent shortness of breath. Charging should cause moderate physiological changes

Thus, with a serious and thoughtful attitude towards the organization and conduct morning physical exercises can significantly improve its efficiency, and hence to improve the physical condition, health and productivity – one of the main conditions for the growth of professional skills and flight longevity.

And now a little dry, but essential guidelines.

Mandatory terms and conditions which are absolutely necessary to obtain the effect by using physical exercise, is the systematic and regular training. The regularity is expressed in the selection of individual exercises, and their combination, and regularity in daily activities.

Gymnastics should be all year round outdoor and, as an exception, in a room with open vents or Windows. Clothing should be loose, not constraining movements. On your feet – lightweight shoes without heels. Gymnastics must be preceded by the toilet. To practice it is recommended to have dumbbells, rubber shock absorber and Mat (Mat). These items must be in good hygienic condition.

Practice shows that many engaged in morning exercises perform it incorrectly: the sequence of exercises is not met, use exercises that do not give the expected effect, the quality of the exercises either insufficient or excessive, the rhythm of breathing does not correspond to the movements. But only by strictly adhering to all guidelines can give the desired effect.

Initially, the exercises are performed in slow tempo. They focus on stretching the major muscle groups of the body. Gradually, the range of motion increases. Toward the middle of the charging load increases due to the acceleration of the tempo of movements to perform more complex exercises. Exercises with objects and the elementary shells are used after performing the floor exercise. By the end of the charge movement gradually slow down, turn on relaxing, breathing and other calming exercises. The pulse rate should return to normal source.

Start charging with appropriate breathing exercises. The multifaceted process of respiration is reduced to the total absorption is possible by the body of oxygen and allocation of it accumulated during the night harmful substances and carbon dioxide. This is very important, as it promotes a more rapid reduction of body in working condition. Then follows an easy warm-up that includes one or two simple exercises. Such exercises can be of different hand movements with simultaneous progibaniya in breast part of the body, bending the body backward with the subsequent bending forward, turns, hand movements, and also tilts to the side, the leg swings forward, backward, sideways and some other exercises.

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