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About the area the History of Famous people Economy Industry Trade and consumer services to Small and medium enterprises consumer Protection materials on the activities of the Regulatory framework

Housing Socio-Economic development of the district

Social services culture, Sport, Youth policy Health education Preschool Education General education Vocational education

Social protection of the rule of Law

Civil activity of the Public Council of the whole, the Position of the work Plan materials on the activities

Public Association

Phonebook media Ezhva the Ezhva – Victory day by Day Remember.

The administration of the district Director district Biography Schedule of reception of citizens by lcnum questions the question at the head

Deputy head of the Structural subdivision of the division for the management of municipal property and land management regulations, auctions the real estate Register MO GO “Syktyvkar”, located on the territory of the Ezhva district business Information center Information provided about the benefits, installments, debt relief on payments to the budget Forecast plan of privatization of Solid inventory

The housing sector questions and privatization of housing Forms, forms, lists of documents As to improve the living conditions How to privatize the dwelling

The economic Affairs division and the entrepreneurship materials on the activities of Contests

The district Department of agriculture List of management companies, TSZH and ZHSK operating on the territory of the Ezhva district Contests, auctions, Information for residents

Department of organizational work of the legal division of the Department of Finance and accounting, Information on participation in target programs Information about the use of allocated budgetary funds Reports the activities of Autonomous institutions Information on the results of inspections of the Municipal services

Phonebook administration the Information on results of audits of Information on the results of inspections conducted by the administration Information on the results of inspections conducted in the administration

The work plan of the citizens Regulatory framework Requirements and the procedure for consideration of appeals Rules for submission of written applications, electronic applications Overview of applications of citizens Internet reception Question-answer

Information security policy

Municipal service of legal documents The order of receipt on municipal service Jobs, the Competition for filling vacant posts

Municipal services legal documents Services Draft administrative regulations Administrative regulations


the activities of the Normative legal acts adopted by the administration of the Draft decisions of the Board MO GO “Syktyvkar”, made by the head of administration of the complaints Procedure ABO


corruption of Normative legal documents of the Recommendation on the actions to take when a collision with the facts of corruption, the Commission for the settlement of the conflict of interest Information the incomes, property and property liabilities of municipal administration officials, Ezhva district MO GO “Syktyvkar” and members of their families

News Announcements, announcements,

congratulations to civil defense and emergency regulations on the administration of the Order of service the Lessons of survival for the people in various emergency situations single duty dispatching service of a city of Syktyvkar-“05” the List of regulatory legal acts

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