Nordic walking with sticks

Jogging is contraindicated to those people who have heart problems. And fitness club may be too expensive for most people in our country. Besides aerobics for weight loss is not for all people. So what to do in this case? you ask. What sport can I do? In Europe have already found the answer to such questions. Several years there developed a sport like Nordic walking with sticks.

Nordic walking is a walk that requires the use of special sticks. In its stick form, similar to ski. This sport is suitable for everyone. For the start of training, you need to buy the sticks, to get comfortable sneakers, as well as to select the place where you will be Hiking.

The Nordic walking sticks: how much and where to buy?

Of course, buy running shoes in Russia will not be easy, but with the sticks is a bit trickier. In our country this sport is not very common, and may occur such a problem.

It is worth remembering that ski poles, despite their similarity, are not suitable for Nordic walking. For this there are specialized sports stick: telescopic and sticks of fixed length. Such an inventory would cost Russia about 3000 rubles. More expensive and qualitative variant of the sticks is two times more. Find and buy Nordic walking poles can be on the Internet sites.

Nordic walking with sticks all the rules

Before you walk you have to perform the workout. This can take the ends of the stick with both hands, raise the arms above the head. Then gradually move the stick right, then left over the head. Your elbows during this exercise, do not bend. You can do another exercise. The stick is necessary to take in hands, and put them behind his back. Your arms should be fully extended. Now start slowly squat. For a good workout will be enough and 13-15 times.

Here we come to the walk. There is nothing complicated, everyone will be able to cope with it. Legs should be bent slightly at the knees, to earth step full surface of the foot. The walk must be done correctly: left arm and right leg together and Vice versa.

Sticks when walking also serve an important function. They coordinate the movements of the legs and hands, to help them feel confident in themselves.

To lose weight with Nordic walking with sticks? Not a problem!

Nordic walking with sticks is not only a lot of fun, but also promotes weight loss. One such walk can easily replace your gym sessions. Besides, this sport is not as exhausting as if you worked in the fitness club. You will hardly find a more enjoyable way to lose weight quickly than Nordic walking. In order to lose weight, you just need to go. Where else will you find such a method, which will be so effective? The extra fat is burned quickly, if the right to practice walking.

Contraindications to Nordic walking with sticks

In principle, contraindications for this sport doesn’t exist. Nordic walking is suitable for people of any age and health status. The main thing to remember is that you should not overload yourself. If you are going to increase the number of miles driven, do it carefully and gradually. Pay close attention to their health. However, the same thing in respect of any activities, either cross on the elliptical trainer or running in sneakers for losing weight.

This type of walk is a universal sport that suits almost everyone. He not only brings joy and new experience, but also has a positive impact on the health of the human body. Besides all this, from this distance, you can quickly lose those extra pounds.

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