Physical activity during pregnancy

During pregnancy women especially need to take seriously their health. Try to reduce not only physical activity but also mental, so more time was spent on vacation. Each woman’s pregnancy is different. Throughout the period of carrying a child, expectant mothers are observed at the gynecologist. The doctor monitors the health of the pregnant woman, monitors the health and status of the unborn baby.

Most expectant mother puts lot of efforts in order to stay beautiful and to be in shape. The attending physician, during the monitoring of the

condition of women, defines you and whether the patient physical activity. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for the mother and if the pregnancy proceeds without complications and threats, the doctor allows and encourages physical activity. During exercise strengthens muscles, improves circulation and blood flow to all internal organs, especially the pelvic organs. Increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients that are needed by the fetus. Physical exercises that are recommended for pregnant women, prepare the expectant mom for childbirth. During the descent process, the body is under severe strain. In anticipation of the baby requires regular training and then the delivery will be easier without risk and complications. Walking in the fresh air, swimming in the pool, stretching exercises, all of which are available for every pregnant woman. Approved and properly fitted by a gynecologist exercises contribute to the excellent condition of the expectant mother. Physical exercise will help to cope with the discomfort that women experience during pregnancy. Exercise is recommended at least three times a week without too much stress.

The simplest exercises that can make a pregnant woman is walking, running, swimming, it will be Useful to enroll in yoga and stretching during pregnancy. Organized special classes for women, such as Pilates, water aerobics, which are aimed at promoting flexibility, allow expectant mothers to communicate with each other and get positive emotions. The water is gentle. Your favorite music at home or in a dance class, you can dance and thereby improve the functioning of the heart. Women who do not exercise, I feel much worse especially because there is a regular weight, but well-chosen set of exercises can prevent this. But do not forget that when you exercise it is necessary to monitor health and heart rate. Physical exercises varies depending on the duration of pregnancy, which is an important factor. During acute disease or lung ailments should refrain from any physical activity.

Upon detection of a pregnant hormonal violation with risk of miscarriage, bleeding, doctor forbids all physical activity and forwards to the hospital. Because, as any load that will show the expectant mother, as trifling, it may be a health risk. Athletes who are preparing to become mothers, it is mandatory to revise their exercises. Training should not be strained, because the body is experiencing hypoxia, and suffers from this fruit. Physical exercise should not be done in a stuffy and hot weather. To download the press, leaping, and jumping impossible during pregnancy. Sports such as equestrian, jumping, writing, skating and skiing are also contraindicated for all pregnant women.

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