Physical activity for weight loss

The postulate that to get rid of excess weight need to increase physical activity, usually taken as an axiom and is not discussed. But is uniquely?

Will lead the arguments “for” and “against”, as paradoxical as it sounds.


– during physical activity increases energy expenditure, and therefore there’s a chance to use that is deposited in “the vaults”;

– any physical activity stimulates the process of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and joints that have a beneficial effect on their condition;

– moderate physical load positively affect the mood and improve hormonal balance, reducing the need for food, as the antidepressant factor;

locomotor activity speeds up the metabolism and is essential for the propulsion of lymph;

– only through systematic exercise for certain muscle groups, you can change the proportions of the body and give it a decent shape.


– “to burn” fat, you have to own plowing”: if the display on the simulator showed that you burned 100 calories, don’t forget to subtract from this figure the energy you would have spent at rest, i.e. about 80 kcal;

– accelerating the uptake of oxygen leads to the activation of redox reactions resulting in the formation of harmful free radicals that cause aging of the skin and many internal diseases;

– overly intense exercise lead to fatigue that can develop stress hormones and increase of appetite;

– in people with overweight, previously prenebregavao sports, exercise often lead to injuries, especially to the ligaments, joints and spine;

– if you play sports against a background of limited caloric intake instead of fat into the “furnace” go muscles.

When comparing the “for and against certain conclusions suggest themselves.

1. It is pointless to bet on sports as a way to get rid of excess fat.

2. When exercising you need to take care of adequate amounts of antioxidants: vitamins and minerals, its main suppliers are fruit, raw vegetables and nuts.

3. The intensity of the exercise should be moderate, not lead to the exhaustion – “with pleasure”, but not to the point of exhaustion.

4. People with significant excess weight, you have to be very careful with exercises that load the joints and ligaments: running, jumping, step, etc. not the best sport for them – swimming and Aqua aerobics.

5. When you exercise you need to eat, but to control appetite.

Overall, this means that physical activity is more than desirable and even necessary, but, as in any business, it requires moderation so as not to hurt yourself, but to acquire a new habit. It is noticed that those who initially encouraged to pounce on sports equipment, very soon grow cold to them. If your lifestyle still was not active, start small: morning 5-minute workout, 10-15 minutes walking, refusing a lift. When this minimum physical activity will become your “second nature”, the intensity of the load can be increased. If you set a goal to “sculpt” the shape of dreams – something to turn down, and somewhere to grow, there can not do without a focused and fairly long sessions. But the main thing – remember, not the intensity, but only the constancy of the effort is the key to success in any business.

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