Program phase workouts

Sooner or later, almost every athlete forever out of the gym. This occurs most often after graduation, wedding or birth of the child – when more time is required to spend with family, at work. However, to drop sports, especially when a decent experience, dangerous to health. The author had a chance to lead a friendship with one cardiologist, often watching former athletes. With a sharp termination of training, a former athlete runs the risk within a few years an embolism, and the risk is higher, the greater

the age of the athlete and the experience of practice. Moreover, for such sports as bodybuilding. powerlifting. weightlifting risk is greatest. This is due, primarily, to hormonal changes. Without going into details, let’s just say the time «vicodine” out of the sport should be 1-2 years, during which the athlete gradually reduces the load.

We recommend the following procedure (in this case a variant of the most common modes – with 3-4 workouts per week). During the first six months after the decision on the termination of training, without reducing the total training time and the total number of classes, working to reduce the weight by 1/3. It is enough each week to reduce the weight of the projectile by 1.25-2.5 kg in the basic exercises, and 0.5-1 kg in the rest. Starting from the third month of training to refuse to perform deadlifts (if you did), replacing it slopes with a barbell on your back. To start doing squats every two weeks. To reduce the number of sets in each exercise 1-2, to refuse to perform any exercise. In the next three months to completely abandon squats with a barbell, hack-squats and leg press in the press machine. Training of the feet to reduce to the straightening of the legs in a block machine and light Jogging. Six months to go on two training according to the following scheme (the total training time should not exceed 1.5 hours):

Day 1 (Monday or Tuesday)

The remaining time to devote to aerobic exercise of low intensity.

Day 2 (Thursday or Friday)

Bench press – HH-15, perform 3 sets of 6-8 repetitions with a step 5-20 kg.

Breeding hands with dumbbells – 3×12.

Dips – h-12.

Lifting barbells for biceps 3×12.

Body lifting at a press h-20.

The remaining time to devote to aerobic exercise of low intensity.

At the end of the semiannual cycle, you can switch to disposable training during which to perform all 4 exercises:

The straightening of the legs in a block training simulator – 2-h-12.

Bench press – 2-3 sets 6-8 repetitions.

Pull-UPS – 2-3 sets with 8-12 repetitions.

Rises body press 2-3×12-15.

Six months can do for this one-time program or three times a week for an hour to devote to fitness – 30 minute Jogging, pull-UPS, push-UPS and lifts the torso to the press. It is recommended to consult a professional massage therapist. 2-3-week program massage completely relaxes overworked muscles. During the whole time – in our case 1.5 years – to pay special attention to stretching exercises, because they relax the muscles. Please note that the above program exit training mode is necessary only to those who actively engaged for more than 3-4 years. The same experience just a couple of months you can throw your workout immediately – do no harm.

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