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Description effective exercises for slimming the abdomen, legs, thighs, and buttocks.

Effectively and quickly you can lose weight, combining exercise with a healthy diet. You can compile a set of exercises for slimming independently or using the services of a coach. In this case, if correction of the diet depends solely on willpower, it with exercise more complicated than that.

Often women can not go to gyms due to time constraints or inconvenient work schedule. Time for sports remains too little. So if you want to lose weight and you understand that to do this without physical exercise, you can do at home . Thus you do not need to spend time on the road in the fitness center.

Of course, it is best to consult with an experienced instructor who will choose the most efficient workout program. Having defined the program, pick up the necessary sports equipment. Namely, in the process of doing the exercises you may need loading dumbbells from 3 to 16 kg, floor mats, narrow bench with elastic trim, fitball. In addition, pay special attention to the selection of sportswear and footwear that have to be made of quality and durable materials.

The rules for creating a training program

To train at home is much harder than in the gym. Therefore, in order to create an optimal program to achieve noticeable results you should follow a few rules. First schedule. In this case the training can be skipped only in the most extreme cases. The programme will enable you to discipline yourself not to miss a workout. In addition, learn how to correctly distribute the load, gradually increasing it with each new session.

Choose to sport the most optimal time. It is best to train in the evening, from 17 to 19 hours. Do not start classes earlier than two hours after meals and finish them in two hours before bedtime. Always start to execute complex with a warm-up that will protect you from injuries. Of course, training every day is not worth – only three workouts per week. But at the same time, to maintain physical form, perform a small set of exercises for morning exercises every day. To do this, select system morning classes and her daily perform.

Pay attention to the exercise program was diverse and affect different muscle groups. Today many systems, the implementation of which is aimed at specific body parts. For example, there is a separate system of exercises for the hips, abdomen, legs, arms, etc. But training must be adequate, so forming your individual set up trainings, presented in different groups . Thus, you can constantly keep you in good physical shape.

To remove fat from the sides and belly

The stomach is one of the most problematic areas in women, because it accumulates more fat. To achieve a slim waist can, if you regularly use more than exercise . The “twist” is aimed at the elaboration of the rectus, so it must be done with a small amplitude. To do this, lie on the floor, squeeze the lower back to him, bend your knees, the elbows point in different directions, and hands behind your head. On the inhale you need to tear off your head and shoulder blades off the floor, and on the exhale return to starting position. “Reverse curl” is performed in substantially the same manner as the previous one. The only difference is that on the inhale you need off the floor head and shoulder, lifting the pelvis.

“Lifting body” is carried out from the same initial position. Only need to inhale tear on the floor in the trunk and, slowly, up to the knees. To perform “lifting the legs” requires a large amplitude. You will need to sit on a chair and lean on its edge. Then on the inhale it should pull the legs to the body, and on the exhale return to starting position. To work obliques you will need to sit on a chair and perform a few twists of the body.

Exercises for the legs

Before you make a complex slimming for the legs, decide what places you would like to see the legs thinner: on the calves or thighs. To tighten the muscles of the buttocks and front of the thighs, you need to perform a few attacks on my feet. The attacks need to be alternated on both knees. To get rid of flabby thighs, you can use this exercise: you need to lie down on the floor and raise outstretched legs. The feet should not deviate forward or backward.

Remove fat from the outside of the thighs, alternately lifting up the straight leg, while in the supine position. The toes should be pulled. To meet this need by 8 times on one leg. In the end you get 8 approaches. If you think that you have thick calves, you will help to try running on the spot, which is considered one of the most effective tools in combating fat deposits on the legs.

Weight loss thighs

Set of exercises for weight loss at home should include a set for the hips. The area of the thighs is one of the most problematic, so for her weight loss, regular physical activity . To get rid of cellulite on thighs, you need to become so that the legs were wider than shoulder width, and the toes turned out. Then holding his hands in front of him start to squat, while straining buttocks and thighs. Sitting down for a while longer in this position, and then stand up, thus making the effort. Repeat this 10 times for 3 sets.

To slightly reduce the size of the hips, stand on the left knee and feather on straight arms. Then move to the right and back right leg, straighten and touch her sex stretched toe. For this purpose you can lift the leg up and do some circular motions, first to the left and right and then up and down. Leg not bent at the knee, and also not straighten the waist. The most effective set of exercises for the feet is often performed lying on the floor.

Effective exercises for buttocks

To the buttocks were firm regularly enough to perform simple exercises for girls. Thus it is suitable for even beginners to play sports. One of the most effective exercises is as follows: sit on the edge of the chair, place your feet apart, try to squeeze between the knees some sort of object like a book or pillow. And then heavily compress it with the muscles of the thighs on the subject and stay in that position for a minute. After that, you need to relax, and then repeat the exercise.

You can also get my arms around your right knee and pull it slowly to your chest, then stay in this position for 20 seconds. The same actions must be repeated with the left foot. For effective results, you need to make a 5-10 approaches. Another effective exercise is performed as follows. Lie on your back and lean your legs against the wall. Then tighten your glutes, while trying to raise the hips and pelvis off the floor, but without taking the back. Of course, at first this would be extremely difficult, but with time you will be able to do with ease on a 10 climbs in a row.

To achieve noticeable results, you will need to craft a set of the above exercises. If during every workout, you’ll work different muscle groups, you will soon achieve its whole. Be sure to combine physical activity with proper nutrition. In addition, try never to miss a workout and gradually increase their complexity and intensity.

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