The Jerusalem marathon

Jerusalem will host the annual marathon, which is traditionally attended by tens of thousands of people. To citizens just once have to endure significant inconvenience for the duration of the event.

The first race will start at 6:45 with the intersection between the Knesset and the Israel Museum. Full marathon is 42.2 km; there will also be races for half the race, 10-kilometer race, 5-kilometer race, a race bike with manual transmission, as well as so-called “family race” (1.7 km) and “community race” (800 metres). Along the route of the marathon will be on duty, a large force of the ambulance Service, ready to help with dehydration, heart problems, overheating, falling blood sugar levels and any injuries.

During the marathon in the city will be closed to traffic and car Parking a number of roads: highway No. 1 South of Sderot Levi Eshkol, the size of the IDF, the streets of Sderot Ben-Zvi, Sderot Rubin, Sderot Rabin, Sderot Hayim Hazaz, Sderot Haim Bar-Lev, Chernyakhovsky, Netanel Lorch, ha Palm trees, ha-Nasi, Keren ha-Yesod ha-Melech George, Jaffa, ha-Cohanim, George Adam Smith, LEHI, Martin Buber, Benjamin Mazar, Churchill, Kariv, Hativat Yerushalayim all Suite hotel, ha Melech David, Jabotinsky, Chopin, Dubnov, Greek, Emek Refaim, Derech ha-Rakevet, Derech Beit lechem, David Remez, Derech Hebron (on a site from street of Hativat Yerushalayim all Suite hotel to St. Moshe Baram), Janowski, Yehuda, Pierre Koenig, Elazar ha-Modai, Ladles Catamon, Yehoshua Yavin. Will be covered campus of the Hebrew University and the Park of “Gan Sacher” and also travel in the district of Jaffa and Zion gate and the street of the Armenian Patriarchate in the Old City.

Travel will be closed from 5:30 a.m. and to end the event, that is, until about 14:00. Drivers are encouraged to be prepared for traffic jams in all the areas adjacent to the route of the marathon. Educational institutions in Jerusalem in the mass, will operate as usual, however, transfer students will be canceled in some cases.

Changes in public transport at the time of the marathon: the Jerusalem tram will not operate in the area between Central bus station and the station of the “Givat ha-ammunition hill” (i.e. the center of the city). The trains will run between Central bus station and mount Herzl, and between the stations “Givat ha-ammunition hill” and “Heil ha-Avir”.

Temporarily cancelled bus routes: №3 of the area of the Assembly to the Wailing Wall (alternative: route№1), №7, №9, №13 (alternative: №10), №14, №15, №17 (alternative: No. 29), No. 19 (this number will operate a route No. 42A between the hospital, “Hadassah Ein Kerem” and Burla St.), No. 22 from Neve Yaakov to Talpiyot, No. 30A, №34, №42, №48, №49, №71 and 72 (effective temporary routes No. 71A and # 72A from the campus to the city centre), No. 77 and 77A (will operate a temporary route 77 from giv-French hill town centre).

The Jerusalem marathon is considered very difficult because of the numerous elevation changes. Last year, the ambulance took dozens of marathon participants, among them one person in serious condition, two in serious condition, and a total of 18 people, which required hospitalization. All those wishing to participate in the marathon are strongly advised to check with doctors ‘ recommendations regarding nutrition before the run and drink during the marathon.

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