The load on the heart effects on the body

How physical activity affects the heart?

The heart is the Central organ in the human body. He’s more prone to emotional and physical stress. To the tension heart was in good than harm, you need to know a few simple “rules of use” and be guided by them.


Sport can have many effects on the heart muscle. On the one hand it can serve as exercises for training the heart on the other it can cause malfunction and even diseases. So you need to choose the right kind and

intensity of physical activity. If heart problems have already been or are you sometimes bothered by pain in the chest, in any case can not start training without consulting a cardiologist.

Professional athletes often have heart problems due to the large physical exercise and frequent workout. Regular exercise is a good help for training of the heart: the heart rate decreases, which indicates an improvement in his work. But, able to adapt to new loads this body painfully takes abrupt cessation of training (or irregular exercise), with the consequence that may occur hypertrophy of heart muscle, atherosclerosis, lowering blood pressure.

Profession against the heart

Increased anxiety, lack of rest, stress and risks negatively affect the condition of the heart muscle. There are original ratings of professions that are harmful for the heart. The honorable first place is occupied by professional athletes, then there are policies and responsible leaders, whose life is about making hard decisions. The third place be teachers.

Also included in the top rescuers, soldiers, stuntmen and journalists, who more than other professionals, are not included in the list, stress and psychological strain.

The danger of working in the office is immobility, which can lead to the decrease in the level of enzymes responsible for burning fat, also suffers from sensitivity to insulin. A sedentary job with increased responsibility (e.g., bus drivers) is fraught with the development of hypertension. As “bad” from the point of view of doctors are to work with shift schedule: lose the natural rhythms of the body, lack of sleep, Smoking can greatly impair the health.

The profession that affect the condition of the heart, can be divided into two groups. First of occupations with low physical activity, increased responsibility, night duty. The second is the specialty associated with emotional and physical stress.

In order to minimize the effects of stress on the heart, you need to follow a few simple rules:

Leave work at work. When you come home – don’t worry about unfinished business: you have still a lot of work.

More walk in the fresh air – from work, to work or during your lunch break.

If you feel stress – a chat with a friend about something abstract, it will help you relax.

Eat more protein foods – lean meat, cottage cheese, food with vitamin b, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

Need to sleep no less than 8 hours. Remember that the most productive sleep around midnight, so go not later 22.

Engage in light sports (aerobics, swimming) and exercises that improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels.

Heart and sex

The tension during lovemaking is not always a positive effect on the body. The surge of hormones, emotional and physical stress in the complex have a positive effect on a healthy person, but the cores need to be careful.

If you have been diagnosed with heart failure, or you have recently suffered a myocardial infarction, having sex can lead to painful attacks. Before intimacy should take heart medication.

Cardiologist consultation will help to choose the right medications, which support heart and do not reduce the potency (beta-blockers).

Make love in positions that cause less stress, try to make the process smoother. To increase the duration of foreplay, take your time and don’t worry. If the loads increase gradually, soon you will return to a normal life.

Exercises to strengthen the heart

Useful exercises to strengthen the heart is any work around the house or in the country, because the main enemy of our heart is inactivity. House cleaning, work in the garden, picking up mushrooms perfectly train your heart, increasing the conductivity of blood and elasticity. If you have a physical activity, perform even simple work without fanaticism, otherwise it may increase your blood pressure.

If you have no cottages – enjoy walking, yoga under the supervision of a trainer, he will help to choose simple exercises to strengthen the heart.

Exercises for the heart and blood vessels is required if you have been diagnosed with obesity due to poor blood circulation. In this case, cardio should go in conjunction with diet, the correct mode of the day and the use of vitamin supplements. Share useful information with your friends:

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