The principles of proper nutrition

You should eat properly, be sure to eat Breakfast the morning stouter stomach began active work. And need to eat as much food, so she can provide the body with energy for the whole day. It is very helpful to drink warm broth from vegetables such as carrots, beets, potatoes, dill. They can be combined to achieve the best effect. If your appetite isn’t up yet, need to “work up” to get not only physical satiation, but also moral satisfaction from food.

Appetite is the instinct of a man who may eventually become a habit. Not

worth fighting with your biological clock, if you developed a habit to eat at 10 o’clock, to force myself to do it in 7 almost impossible. In no event it is impossible to take alcohol in the morning, before eating, otherwise the liver will be so traumatized that you have to go to the doctor. Most “delicious” meal will be three hours of the day – at this time all the senses, so the food will deliver a special treat.

Ideal is a snack every two hours, but in small portions and at a certain time, so that feelings of hunger are not attended. The body gets used to eat on time and in advance anticipating, begins to produce components for digestion. As already mentioned, special attention should be paid to the first Breakfast. He is in a good mood for the whole day. At this time is to consume fortified foods.

Breakfast should be at 7 or 8 am. By this time the body is ready to operate at full capacity and he needs “fuel”. When waking, Breakfast, people sleep the most basic meal. You can’t force the stomach to wait in the morning, otherwise you can make such unpleasant consequences as an ulcer, gastritis or just nausea. Early Breakfast will allow your body to get rid of the resulting in a night of bile and start life from scratch. Before Breakfast you can make a small charge, and after exercise on a stationary bike.

Best combined vegetables, honey, fruits. But eaten at the same time sour and sweet fruit is not necessary, it will damage the stomach. “Green” food with vegetable, olive or sunflower oil enhances its beneficial properties dozens of times. The only fruit that stands there, with nothing, not mixing, is melon. If you eat it with something, the body will produce harmful substances and start putrefactive processes in the intestine.

Legumes (peas, beans, beans) are combined with greens and vegetable oils.

Eggs must be consumed very rarely, as they carry the body of unnecessary cholesterol. Eat them with vegetables or herbs. No heavy salads, where balls intersect with mayonnaise or butter, are strictly impossible. Summer is to protect themselves from their consumption.

Favorite of all the meat fit to eat only vegetables or herbs, but not in the form of store-bought pies, dumplings fried or street Shawarma. Also associated eating meat with milk, milk with eggs or meat with cheese, as it is a mixed protein food. Nuts in the meat to add does not.

Different types of food suitable for consumption at different times of day:

Starch, such as bread, flour, or potatoes, eat in the morning, and protein (fish, poultry, milk) in the evening. By the way, if you watch birds, you will notice that they are pecking the grain and catch insects at different times.

Milk just from the cow” will do more harm than good to the adult organism. To use it is useful only for children or the elderly.

Salt should not be used because it damages the kidneys and adrenal glands. Only a few grams a day will not harm the body. And mostly sodium chloride is already contained in the food in its natural form, in addition to desalinate not necessary.

As everyone knows, sugar in the body makes the process of fermentation in combination with carbohydrates or proteins. Therefore it is also better to exclude, replacing the natural, for example, sweet fruits or honey. It is not absorbed in the stomach and goes directly into the intestine.

Those who actively consume vegetables, you must remember that cooking them in a small volume of water, without unnecessary additives in the form of concentrated spices. It should not be combined in one plate garden and garden fruits, except lemon, which in itself is a wonderful addition to any salad and contains large amounts of vitamins.

It is known that products also has its own special energy. So start cooking or food intake should be in a good mood, not to spoil the energy of preparing meals.

To be distracted for a while, read a book, run on the treadmill for 15 minutes. wash away the day’s fatigue warm bath or stimulating shower, smile and go to the table. Otherwise, instead of usefulness in the body fall lifeless mass. And, of course, cost to cook what pleases the whole family.

Never force their children to eat what they don’t want. The benefits of this will not, and aversion to any kind of food can be produced and cured it in the end will only shrink.

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