Where to practice yoga

What is yoga?

The word “yoga” has Indian roots. In the homeland of yoga is a whole

concept, which means the complex spiritual, psychological and physical exercises that allow you to “clean up” and reach enlightenment. In India, yoga has many currents, each of which aims to teach a person self-improvement.

Because of the nature of Hinduism such as the caste system and the absence of any opportunity to “enter religion”, flow yoga, associated with the philosophy of Hinduism, widespread in the rest of the world has received. But one of the areas (the so-called “Hatha yoga”), practicing physical exercises, truly conquered the world.

In Moscow there is a great variety of schools practicing yoga. To calculate their exact number is, practically, impossible. There are about 200 and they are in different areas of the capital – there are clubs in downtown and schools of yoga in New Moscow.

From the usual physical training yoga is characterized by a complete lack of sudden movements that can cause fatigue. Yoga train your attention and ability to concentrate at the right time.

A special place in yoga classes is given to breathing – all method of training builds on that to teach people how to breathe correctly. It is believed that under ideal breathing man himself stimulates the activity of your heart and, thus, can avoid many diseases.

In Moscow schools of yoga, one can attain mastery of several currents of yoga is Bikram yoga, named after the founder of the school, Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and many others. There are also special forms of yoga – for children, for pregnant women and for office workers.


What to do before a yoga class?

It is a misconception that yoga can be applied without any special preparation. This is not so. Before going to school yoga, you want to remember a few rules. Workout clothing should be loose and natural – no synthetics. It is better to train in swimming trunks or a swimsuit. Doing yoga naked is also not recommended.

Before classes cannot eat much, you need to drink some clean water and empty the bladder and, if possible, the intestine. It is best to train on an empty stomach. During classes it is recommended to put next to a Cup of pure water, and breaks between exercises to drink a SIP.

Do not eat immediately after exercise, we need to wait for about an hour.

Do not overwork, if some exercises you cannot perform the first time. This is contrary to the principles of yoga. In this case, we imagine performing the necessary exercises and gradual training to achieve the desired level of performance.

You can’t train in the room where the smell of alcohol or smoky.

Immediately after school to eat is not recommended. Need to wait from twenty minutes to an hour before you can eat.

Before the start of classes should take a shower or just pour warm water.

At the end of training, you need to completely relax and do nothing for 10-15 minutes.


Moscow school of yoga

1. Bikram Yoga Moscow.

Teach Bikram yoga – 26 postures of Hatha-yoga and two breathing exercises. To do can both beginners and practicing yoga.

The cost of each class is 600 rubles on weekdays 16.00 (800 rubles in the evening on weekdays and weekends.

2. “Khi-yoga Tretyakov”

Practice khi-yoga and yoga for beginners. The founder of the school khi is the Thien Suen, who developed his technique over 30 years ago. Requires the implementation of nine exercises for saturation of the body with positive energy.

The cost of the lesson from 310 to 400 rubles.

3. “The Center Of Evolution”

Teach meditation, yoga in the air and classical Hatha yoga. For pregnant women, a special session of yoga.

The cost of classes in the evening on weekdays – 1000.

4. “The singing reed”

Practice classes Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga and the Himalayan yoga.

Cost of training: 300 rubles.

5. Yoga Studio Namaste

Offers wishing to learn traditional Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and there is a special course for beginners. Lesson duration two hours.

The first lesson is free, the other will have to pay 400 rubles.


Teach universal yoga, Yantra yoga and classical Indian yoga. For “aesthetes” there is a possibility to enroll in yoga Nidra. For pregnant women and children, a special programme.

The cost of classes, an average of 500 rubles.

7. “School of Kaula yoga”

Initially practiced Kaula yoga now offers a wide selection of different schools and methods Nidra yoga, STI-yoga and others. For children there are special courses.

8. Yoga Studio CITYOGA

Teach Hatha yoga and Ashtanga. For pregnant women there is a special course.

The cost of each class is 600 rubles.

Practicing Hatha-yoga, universal yoga and Ashtanga. Children, women and beginners can enroll in special courses.

The cost of evening classes on weekdays – 300 rubles.

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