Workout on the treadmill

A running track can be very useful for continuous improvement of the body or just a large subject that constantly gets in the way. Its purpose selects each for himself.

People who used to lead to lead an active life, play sports and outdoors, and at home, a treadmill will be a good friend.

Circuit training for weight loss

Still instructors and nutritionists argue over which should be training for effective weight loss. One category of trainers argues that gradual weight loss fairly slowly walk on the canvas treadmill 30-60 minutes. Another category of claims to the contrary – are the most productive interval training.

But both categories are solidary in one – treadmills for home effective way to lose weight.

But, there are athletes who are recommended to alternate the two aforementioned modes. To strengthen and consolidate the results will be useful Pilates or callanetics 1-2 times a week.

We consider several exercise modes.

1: “long and hard”

First measure your pulse. The most effective fat burning will begin in approximately 55-60 percent of MAX heart rate. Calculated individual desired values according to the formula “220 – age”. Consider personal performance in the recommended range. The main part of the lengthy training (do not count the warm-up the first 5 minutes and finishing the last 5 minutes) are calculated in the formula range.

Choose your preferred load and try to memorize it.

Beginners recommended for the first few workouts just slowly walk on a flat surface of the treadmill (no incline) at a speed of approximately 6-6. 5 km per hour subject to finding indicators of heart rate in the desired range. More experienced athletes can choose independently whether running at a speed of 7-8 miles per hour on level ground paths, or walking, but with a small bias (4-5 percent).

Circuit workout:

– warm-up: walking or running at a moderate speed on a flat surface of the treadmill – 5 minutes;

– the main part: a quiet movement with careful control of the heart rate – 20-40 minutes;

– conclusion: a gradual decline workout, stop – 5 minutes.

This kind of training is recommended to perform about 2 times a week. Do not mix loads in one day with strength training or doing callanetics.

2: “maximum Burn”

This type of training is considered a classic interval training best for weight loss. Consider a condensed version in the time frame for using this lesson in one day with strength training.

Circuit workout:

– warm-up: walking or running at a moderate speed – 5 minutes;

– the main part: a very quick walk or an intense run (6,6-8 km / h) on smooth rails of the track 3 minute run or walk under the bias of 4-6 percent without changing the speed limit – 2 minutes. Repeat this exercise 3 times;

– completion: move at a slow pace – 5 minutes.

Train under this scheme before class with strength, if it is callanetics. If doing exercises with dumbbells after a workout.

Exercise for lifting the buttocks and legs

Treadmill – great trainer to improve leg muscles and buttocks. When training for this group of muscles is essential to control the pace of the sessions and keep high impedance.

Circuit workout:

– warm-up: movement at a moderate speed on a flat surface of the track 5 minutes;

– the main part: the movement with a slope of 2 percent to 2 minutes, on a flat surface, 1 min, with a gradient of 3% – 3 minutes, on a flat surface – 2 min, with a gradient of 8 percent to 2 minutes. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

This type of exercise strengthens the gluteal muscles, and different, interval load strengthens the heart.

Training for the drying of the muscles of the thighs is a little different. Here you need to alternate running and fast paced walking.

Circuit workout:

– warm-up: movement in a quiet pace – 5 minutes;

– the main part: fast walk 4 minutes, run at an average speed of 1 minute, walk under a slope of 4 percent to 5 percent to 5 minutes slow Jogging – 5 minutes. Repeat the exercise 4 times.

Training recommended 2 times a week, a day without power loads.

Important update: during your workout, be sure to work with your hands, do not keep them on the handles of the treadmill. It helps strengthen the muscles of the hands and the body loses 20 per cent more calories.

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