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The name itself Zumba comes from a Colombian word meaning “to move very fast” or “buzzing like a bee”. Joke fans, McDonalds is known only in 120 countries, and Zumba dance in more than 140 countries. And such a dizzying “career” Zumba did a little less than 20 years!

It all began in the 90-ies of the last century, when a Colombian fitness instructor Alberto Perez forgot the music for practice. With him he only had CDs with salsa and merengue, and he had to improvise, combining different styles and exercises. The lesson was so pleased his customers that Perez decided to make my own mix of different dances. In 2001 he moved to the States and started the company Zumba Fitness, which quickly gained popularity around the world. Now fans of this programme in the world more than 140 million people.

Of course, if the Zumba program was just another novelty in the world of fitness, she would not have received universal recognition. Zumba — a philosophy, a direction that teaches you how to turn a boring workout into a real Rockin ‘ party, and lose weight while gaining a lot of pleasure. In addition, fans of Zumba claim that it helps them to restore not only physical but also psychological shape, become more relaxed, confident.

Training aims at the elaboration of different muscles so that the person does not feel the fatigue that occurs from multiple repetitions of the same exercises with regular fitness exercise. This is also what makes Zumba — an hour, seemingly, fun and crazy dances, according to different sources, the person spends between 400 and 800 calories. In addition, the classroom felt such an emotional lift and such an adrenaline rush, that energy is much greater, and the actual training is much more effective.

With someone to emulate

Add to the popularity of Zumba and big names stars that have included this program in my schedule. The Kirstie Alley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham. Halle berry, Shakira, Michelle Obama — all these women gladly joined in the fun rhythm of Zumba.

“We women are accustomed to care for others. And not to forget about yourself. If once a week you can afford to go without the kids shopping, and spend one hour a week for Zumba you can also quite. This is a great way to feel the music and to stay in shape», — said in an interview, Jennifer Lopez. I love Zumba and men — even world-renowned expert martial artist Jackie Chan was captured on video during the exercise.

At home or at the fitness center?

What Zumba from the point of view of a professional, Alina tells Karelson, fitness coach club “atrium”:

“Zumba ” beautiful kardiogramma. she’s good from the point of view of emotional satisfaction and energy costs. But as a full strength training I do not consider. This is a great option, you can at any time “party” to the music to improve your mood. However, in the group it turns out even better — is triggered the moment of togetherness with other people, and this program starts to work out better and better. Looking at each other, they get an extra emotional boost. When I observe how people behave on Zumba, it’s a great feeling — sometimes a girl makes a wild emotional dances. People relax, cool, and impact more than if they worked at home. Women love Zumba because for many exercise — not only the hour of burning calories and develop muscles, it must be combined with the emotional aspect, the happiness of working in a group or the ability to communicate. Often girls-beginners who have never engaged in fitness, group classes understand that they like the atmosphere in training, like an emotional lift, and gradually they are drawn and already can’t imagine life without exercise “.

Choose your option

During the existence of Zumba has changed significantly and is divided into several areas.

Classic Zumba — that says it all. Rejoice, rejoice and gain a great shape under exotic music!

Zumba Gold — for the elderly and persons with disabilities, there is included a large quantity of light game elements.

Aqua Zumba — Zumba in the pool. Such training is less taxing on the joints, but more effective, because you have to overcome the resistance of water. Ideal for those with back problems or joints.

Zumba Toning (with weights) is designed for those who want to lose weight and perfect figure. The training mainly focused on muscles of hips, thighs, arms, the press and so on.

Zumba Gold-Toning — a combination of dance of low intensity and strength training. Suitable even for beginners and easy to repeat!

Zumba in the circuit — it’s a combination of dancing high intensity and strength training, increase the metabolism.

Zumba sentao — this Zumba using a chair. Focuses on using body weight to strengthen and tone the body. You can do squats and lunges, leaning on the chair. Exercise can be very funny.

There are also programs for children: Zumbini — for babies up to three years, Zumba Kids Jr. — for children 4 to 6 years, and Zumba Kids — Zumba is designed for children aged 7-11 years.

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