Is it possible to lose weight by exercising on the elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers combine the functions of a treadmill, exercise bike and a stepper. They are convenient because they do not have a negative impact on the joints due to the specially designed elliptical amplitude of motion of the mechanism.

Walking on the elliptical trainer allows you to use almost all muscle groups and aerobic activity help strengthen the immune system and the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system.

Cardio workout on the elliptical trainer: advantages and contraindications

Elliptical simulators have many advantages, analyzing that, you can make a choice in favor of this tool for weight loss:

smooth movements, not adversely impact on the joints and spine;

the ability to work virtually every group of muscles through movements that mimic the walk of a skier;


aerobic effect on the body that improve the performance of many systems, including the respiratory and cardiovascular;

great lineup, allowing you to choose the unit even for small spaces;

high calorie consumption during exercise;

the saturation of the muscles and tissues of oxygen;

the ability to adjust the load level;

minimum probability of injury (subject to safety);

virtually no restrictions on age or physical condition;

the ability to track changes of heart rate and calorie consumption (specifications vary by model, but a modern elliptical trainers are almost always provided with an electronic console).

Before you buy an elliptical trainer for weight loss, it is advisable to consult a doctor. With all the security you need to consider some contraindications:



heart failure;

asthma ;

tachycardia and angina ;


diabetes mellitus;

any disease in the acute form (required prior consultation with the doctor);

pregnancy (depending on the period and the physical state of the expectant mother).

How to choose an elliptical?

When choosing elliptical trainer, you need to pay attention to some parameters, which will determine the effectiveness of training.

To start, decide how often you will do, do not turn the simulator into a “hanger”? Next you need to take into account height and weight to choose a suitable model, not cause discomfort in the course of employment. When height is 180 cm it is recommended to give preference to equipment with front-wheel drive (the drive is installed in the front of the structure).

In the case of a limited area of the apartment makes sense to buy a compact elliptical trainer for the home, although you need to understand that the larger the model, the more features. Again, not all features will be used during the training process, and therefore to pay for them is optional.

The main recommendation is to choose a middle ground, paying attention to the build quality and durability of all components. In store you can try suitable simulator to understand, what do you think of it in motion.

How to exercise on the elliptical trainer to lose weight?

Comfort is that in day it is enough to select only 10-15 minutes. It is important to make systematic exercises, gradually increasing time and workload. In good physical shape you can practice on the simulator until 60-90 minutes with small breaks.

To pedal can back and forth – this will improve the results of studies on the elliptical trainer, because the work will include a variety of muscles.

Clothes need to choose comfortable and not restrict movement. If the problem area is stomach area and sides. it is possible for the classes to wear the special heating zone to create a sauna effect.

Not recommended at the initial stage to approach teaching and fanatically hold on the simulator a lot of time for 1 set. Better to start with 5-10 minutes, adding a day for 5 minutes.

To lose weight, exercising on the elliptical trainer, easy enough. The main thing is to do it with enthusiasm and good humor, including upbeat music and enjoying the work on the body!

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